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  • The Dangers of Inhaled Poisons for Pets
    As pet owners, we may focus a great deal on topical home poisons touching our pets, like cleaning solutions or rat poison, and swallowed poisons, like toxic foods or poisonous Read more
  • Tips for Building a Doggy Playground
    Does your pooch have a section of yard all to himself? Fido is part of the family, and will be much happier living indoors, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t Read more
  • Choosing the Correct Carrier for Your Dog
    A carrier crate for your dog is an important investment—it will be needed for trips to the vet, as well as any vacations you take as a family. Follow these Read more
  • My Cat Has Unfriended Her Litter Box
    Your Siamese cat Sasha is the most reliable cat you’ve ever met. Each morning, Sasha sits at her favorite window for some up-close birdwatching. Since that makes Sasha hungry, she Read more
  • Keeping Your Pet Safe During the Holidays
    The holidays are full of family, food, and fun—and they also present some hazards for our four-legged friends. Follow these helpful tips from your Reynoldsburg veterinarian to keep your pet Read more
  • How to Teach Your Kitten Proper Petiquette
    Have you recently adopted a kitten? Congratulations! You’re certainly in for some super cute moments with your adorable new feline friend. You’ve also got some pet parenting ahead of you. Read more
  • Why Your Dog’s Fecal Exams Are Important
    As a dedicated dog owner, your pooch Biff is a treasured part of your family. You understand the importance of comprehensive wellness care, and you make sure Biff sees his Reynoldsburg Read more
  • Learn How Pet Ownership Can Improve Your Health
    Your border collie Sadie is a canine workout partner and health coach, all rolled into one furry package. Sadie loves to join you for daily jogs, and she’s always ready Read more
  • Keeping Your Cat Off the Counters
    Your cat’s curiosity knows no bounds, and it seems your kitty is especially interested in objects (or foods) located on your kitchen counters or dining room table. Remember that photo Read more
  • Things We May Never Understand About Cats
    Kitties are many things. They’re cute, fluffy, funny, lovable, cuddly playful, and affectionate. They’re also more than a little bit mysterious. While we have learned quite a bit about our Read more
  • Guide to Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth
    You’re probably aware that regularly brushing your teeth results in a nicer-looking smile and better breath. Brushing also helps to prevent potentially serious periodontal disease. You can help your dog Read more
  • Your Poor Pooch Can Suffer from Allergies, Too
    Your golden retriever Bailey looks like he’s preparing for an allergy-related television commercial. Bailey has recently been scratching like crazy, and his skin has a reddish tint under his coat. Read more
  • A Guide to Pet Safety in Sub-Zero Temperatures
    As our thermometers dip below the zero mark this winter, we must be aware of our pet’s safety as well as our own. Use these tips from a Reynoldsburg veterinarian Read more
  • Traveling with Dogs
    Will you be traveling this holiday season? The holidays are a great time to catch up with friends and family members. Fido is part of the family too, so it’s Read more
  • Pet Safety for Valentine’s Day
    Romance is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches—keep it that way by avoiding a trip to your Reynoldsburg veterinarian’s office with your pet! Use these tips to keep your Read more
  • External Parasites Can Make Your Cat Miserable
    Your tabby cat Thomas has become a feline binge scratcher. For several days, Thomas has periodically launched into frantic scratching episodes lasting for several minutes. You think you’ve figured out Read more

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