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Keep Your Pet Feeling Great

Grooming isn't just for humans. Your pet needs his or her own grooming. Different pets have different needs, but nothing makes a pet feel great than after a trip to the groomer. If you've been looking for a day spa for your dog or a groomer for your long-haired cat and live in or around Reynoldsburg, OH, schedule a visit to Hillview Veterinary Clinic.


Pet Grooming Services

Do you have a dog that needs professional grooming? Maybe they are always getting tangles and it's becoming next to impossible to comb? Perhaps your pet's hair is constantly growing and you need to give your pet a cut to help him look his very best. Whatever kind of grooming service you are interested in, you will find it at Hillview Veterinary Clinic. Services can be tailored to meet the specifications of the pet owner. So if you have a set cut in mind or you just want to have his fur thinned out for the warmer months, we’re here to help.

Additional Services

Beyond the pet grooming services, there are several additional services that we have to offer. You can take advantage of our door to door service, in which we will take your pet right from your vehicle. We also provide prescription pet food and can evaluate your sick pet. We want to make sure your pet is as healthy as possible, which is why we will go the extra mile and treat your pet as if he was our own.

Schedule Your Pet Grooming Appointment With Hill View Veterinary Clinic

At Hillview Veterinary Clinic you'll have access to a wide variety of veterinary care. Beyond the medical services, our facility is also a bed and breakfast for your pet (or, as we like to call it, a bed and biscuit). Here, your pet can live his best life. Your pet will be washed and groomed. He will have his nails filed down and his undercoat thinned. This will help with the warmer months while also help you with reducing your pet’s hair.

If you have a cat, we will provide a fresh cut to remove the fluffy, thick fur, and your cat will be cleaned and pampered like no other way possible. If you've been looking for pet grooming services in or around Reynoldsburg, OH, make sure to contact Hillview Veterinary Clinic. Call us today at (614) 866-2290 to schedule an appointment.

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