Cat Boarding

If you need to go away for business or pleasure, trust our pet lovers at Hillview Veterinary Clinic and our Bed & Biscuit. We will care for your feline by offering it the best food, medical care and physical activity possible. Instead of wondering how your furry friend is doing alone in your home, bring it to stay a comfy cat condo at our Reynoldsburg Bed and Biscuit.

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The Cat Condo Experience

Bringing your pet to our clinic for boarding means it will get the pampering, petting, and supervision you require. The experience of staying in one of our cat condos includes a feline version of aromatherapy with the Feliway Electric Diffuser. This innovative technology gives your pet a spa-like experience by sending calming scents into the air. These soothing pheromones are important for pets that may experience anxiety away from home and their owners.

Each condo has climate control, so you will never need to worry about whether the local heat or cold will affect your cat. It will stay in comfort inside its cozy condo. But don't think your pet will lazy the day away. We schedule regular play to keep its skills sharp and body healthy.

Care for Special Needs and Senior Pets

Is your feline friend a senior cat or does it require medical care? If your pet requires medicine at specific times or has individual dietary needs, let us know, so we can accommodate your pet. With a veterinarian on site 24-hours a day, you can feel safe leaving your cat with special health requirements with us. Please remember we only accept pets that are fully vaccinated to ensure the safety of all our animal guests at the Bed and Biscuit. Please have proof of vaccination ready.

Spa On-Site

Do you want to give your pet the ultimate experience while you're away? Add some of our spa services to your pet's boarding. We have a professional groomer who works equally well with cats and dogs. Choose services such as shampooing, nail trimming, flea treatment and more.

Book Your Cat's Stay with Us

Let our staff care for your pet whether you need to leave Reynoldsburg for a day or longer. Our Hillview Veterinary Clinic Bed and Biscuit is equipped with everything your pet needs for quality care. With our day spa, you can even get your feline friend a pampering. Call us today at (614) 866-2290 to book your cat's unforgettable time at our Bed and Biscuit boarding.


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