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How to Teach Your Kitten Proper Petiquette

Have you recently adopted a kitten? Congratulations! You’re certainly in for some super cute moments with your adorable new feline friend. You’ve also got some pet parenting ahead of you. Little Fluffy has lots to learn about the do’s and don’ts of being a good housecat, and it’s up to you to teach her! Below, a Reynoldsburg, OH vet offers advice on how to raise a polite kitten.

Discourage Play Fighting

As little Fluffy starts to get the hang of using those claws and teeth, she may think it’s great fun to pounce, bite, and scratch. This might be cute at first, but don’t let your furbaby grow up thinking you’re a giant cat toy! Nip this habit in the bud by telling your kitten to play nice, and ignoring her when she doesn’t.


Kittens are basically furry little balls of zoom. Offer your frisky furbaby plenty of fun toys, and play with her every day to burn off extra energy. Don’t forget to kittenproof your home! Remove or secure wires, plastic bags, small items, chemicals, and medicine, and keep household appliances, like toilets, closed.

Safe Retreats

Kittens may be fearless at times, but these tiny furballs can also get scared easily. Offer little Fluffy safe spots to retreat to if something frightens her. Kitty condos are great, but you can also make a DIY kitty tent, or set out boxes with soft blankets inside them. When your kitten wants to snuggle, give her that cuddle time: this will help her feel safe and loved.


Teaching a kitten to use a scratching post is much easier than convincing an adult cat that your sofa is not a manicure station. Offer your furbaby suitable options for scratching. A kitty tower is great, but you can also get a scratching post or board. To encourage proper scratching petiquette, give your kitty toys, treats, and praise near her scratching post.

Positive Reinforcement

Never punish little Fluffy for misbehaving. Your tiny furball is acting almost purely on instinct, and may not understand what she did wrong. You can say ‘No’ or ‘Bad kitty’ in a firm tone of voice, but anything beyond that may backfire, and could scare your kitten. Instead, focus on the positive by rewarding good behavior.

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