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Things We May Never Understand About Cats

Kitties are many things. They’re cute, fluffy, funny, lovable, cuddly playful, and affectionate. They’re also more than a little bit mysterious. While we have learned quite a bit about our feline friends, they still manage to keep us guessing at times. In this article, a Pickerington, OH vet discusses some things we may never understand about cats.

Awkward Sleeping Positions

If you have a cat, you’ve likely seen your furball napping in some configurations generally associated with pretzels. Do an online search on ‘cats sleeping in strange positions’ and you won’t be disappointed! We know that Fluffy’s spine is very flexible, and that she can bend and twist much more easily than we can. However, we’re still not sure how some feline sleeping positions can possibly be comfortable!

Fluffy’s Box Obsession

Fluffy’s love of boxes is another thing that often leaves cat behaviorists scratching their heads. We do know that cats often prefer small spaces, as they feel safe and secure in enclosed spots. However, given that some kitties love stuffing themselves into boxes that are way too small for them, there may be some as-yet unknown factors at play here.

Why They Chatter At Birds

Have you ever noticed your cat intently watching birds through the window? If so, you may have noticed Fluffy making strange, clacking noises. No one is exactly certain what this noise is supposed to signify, or why kitties do this when birdwatching.

Why They Hate Phones

Does your cat suddenly start clamoring for attention as soon as you pick up the phone? This is another of Fluffy’s quirks, and yet one more unexplained feline behavior.

Why They Love Knocking Things Onto The Floor

It’s probably just a matter of time before someone attempts an official study on Fluffy’s penchant for smacking small objects off tables. This may very well be Kitty’s way of asking for (or demanding) attention, but wouldn’t a simple meow be more productive?

Why They Follow Us Into The Bathroom

This is yet another quirk that many kitties share. Perhaps Fluffy thinks you have another cat in there, or maybe she just doesn’t want to let you out of her sight. Whatever the reason, we don’t expect that kitties will be explaining themselves anytime soon!

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