• Interpreting Your Cat’s Tail Positions
    Cats can be difficult to figure out—oftentimes, they’re very mysterious. However, one of the easiest ways to figure out what your cat is saying is by observing her tail. The Read more
  • Preventing Your Dog’s Nipping and Biting
    Many dogs commonly nip and bite. It’s natural for your both puppies and older dogs, and is most often done playfully. However, those of us who are getting nipped and Read more
  • Pet Microchipping
    Proper identification is one of the best and easiest ways to keep your pet safe throughout her lifetime. Microchips are great for doing just that. Here, a Pickerington veterinarian answers Read more
  • Money-Saving Suggestions for Pet Owners
    What pet owner doesn’t wish they could save a little money here and there? Try these tips from a Reynoldsburg vet to save yourself some cash while still giving your Read more
  • Learn the Basics of Kitten Vaccinations
    Since August is Immunization Awareness Month, it’s time to consider what our kittens need to be in the best possible health. Below, a Reynoldsburg vet discusses the basics of kitten Read more
  • Dog Walking Etiquette Tips
    Walking your dog may seem like a relatively simple task, but remember that there is actually some etiquette involved! This is especially true if you’re walking your pooch in a Read more
  • Hot Weather Pet Hazards
    Summer has arrived in full force. Is your pet ready to face the heat and other hazards of the season? Learn more below from your Reynoldsburg veterinary professional.Dehydration and HeatstrokeA Read more
  • Why Do Cats Knead?
    You’ve probably seen your cat knead before—it’s when she pushes her front paws into a soft surface, alternating them rhythmically. Ever wonder why your cat exhibits this interesting behavior? Learn Read more
  • Beach Safety Tips for Cats and Dogs
    Many pet owners enjoy bringing their dogs or cats along on the family beach trip—it can prove to be a lot of fun for the whole family! There are several Read more
  • When Your Senior Cat Should See the Vet
    Your beautiful white indoor cat, Snowball, has been an active part of your family for years. She’s always loved batting at cat toys, playing in cardboard boxes, and chasing imaginary Read more
  • Dogs and Chocolate: A Deadly Combination
    Your love of chocolate has turned you into a real chocolate aficionado. You make a sinfully good chocolate dessert every chance you get, and you keep a bowl of chocolate Read more
  • Flea Preventative Poisoning in Cats
    Did you know that the very preventative medicine you put on your cat to avoid flea infestations could be poisonous if applied improperly or the dosage is wrong? Here, a Read more
  • Feline Flea Control and Prevention
    One of your life’s great pleasures is curling up on the couch with your happily purring cat Cinnamon. Watching television, reading a book, or simply snuggling inside on a cold Read more
  • Can Acupuncture Benefit My Dog?
    You might think acupuncture for pets is a silly or new-age concept that couldn’t really help your dog, but the fact is that veterinary acupuncture is become more and more Read more
  • Socializing Kittens
    Studies have shown that kittens who are handled by humans more turn out to be better behaved and socialized pets as adults. If you’ve recently become guardian of a litter Read more
  • Feeding Your Adult Dog
    Your puppy isn’t a puppy anymore—as your dog grows into full adult form, make sure her diet matches her age. Here, a Reynoldsburg vet tells you more.Match Diet to Activity Read more


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