Hillview Rewards

Hillview Veterinary Clinic and Bed & Biscuit Has Its Rewards!

That is right; we now offer rewards to clients for taking great care of their pets!

You sign up for an annual membership, a $93 fee, and immediately start earning 5% cash back for each dollar you spend at Hillview Veterinary Clinic. The money you earn can be used toward future services including medical exams, dental cleanings, laser therapy, overnight boarding at Bed & Biscuit, and grooming.

What’s Included?

- 5% cash back on future services at Hillview Veterinary Clinic and Bed & Biscuit.
- 2 free exams! Makes the $93 fee worth it right from the start!
- Exclusive member benefits.
- Birthday surprises!

How do I sign up!?

It is easy! Just click the “Join Now” button below, and you are enrolled into the Hillview Rewards program Your account is loaded with 2 FREE EXAMS ready to be activated on your next visit!

Sign up today!

Thank you,

Your Veterinary Care Team,
Hillview Veterinary Clinic & Bed & Biscuit

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