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At Hillview Veterinary Clinic/ Bed &; Biscuit, we offer a variety of services to help nurse your pet back to full health. One of the diagnostic procedures our veterinarian in Reynoldsburg, OH, can use to help your pet is ultrasound. Our animal hospital can help provide pet wellness exams and use ultrasounds to determine if your pet needs more care. Find out about our ultrasound pet exam below and see how we can help.

What Is a Pet Ultrasound?

A pet ultrasound is a diagnostic procedure that uses sound waves to create an image of the organs and tissues of pets. An ultrasound can show if there are any abnormalities inside their body, such as tumors, bladder stones or other abnormal growths.

At Hillview Veterinary Clinic/ Bed & Biscuit, our veterinarian in Reynoldsburg, OH, can use ultrasound to diagnose various health conditions in your pet. We take the time to discuss all of your options for treatment before we perform any procedure on your pet.

Why Can an Ultrasound Pet Exam Be Important?

Ultrasound pet exams are very important because they can detect any abnormalities or health issues that may not be visible on the surface. These tests can also help in determining a diagnosis before any treatment is undertaken, which helps us come up with the best possible plan for your pet's care. Ultrasounds are non-invasive and can help us diagnose conditions quickly and accurately.

When Can a Pet Ultrasound Be Used?

Ultrasounds can be used to assess your pet's overall health and detect any abnormalities. They are also used to check for bladder stones, tumors, or cancerous masses, as well as heart and lung problems. Our veterinarian in Reynoldsburg, OH, can also use an ultrasound to evaluate your pet's abdominal organs and the heart valves.

What to Expect During Your Veterinarian Appointment

During your visit to Hillview Veterinary Clinic/ Bed & Biscuit, our veterinarian in Reynoldsburg, OH, will take the time to explain the pet ultrasound procedure to you and answer any questions. We'll also likely discuss your pet's history and any medications or treatments that may be necessary for their health.

When it is time for the ultrasound, we can walk you through the process. We will carefully guide your pet into position on our exam table and use a special ultrasound machine to obtain images of their organs. Your pet may need to be sedated so that they remain still during the procedure. Once the procedure is finished, we'll review the images with you and provide a diagnosis if needed.

Schedule Your Pet Exam with Us Today

If you have any questions about pet ultrasounds or would like to schedule an appointment for one at our animal hospital, please contact us today. We are here to help make sure your pet stays healthy and happy. Call us at (614) 866-2290 for Hillview Veterinary Clinic/ Bed & Biscuit in Reynoldsburg, OH, for a pet wellness exam.

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