Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated by Our Veterinarian at Our Animal Hospital

At Hillview Veterinary Clinic/Bed & Biscuit, your pet's health and happiness are our top priorities. As a veterinarian in Reynoldsburg, OH, our team is dedicated to providing the care for your pets. We understand that your animal is your friend. Here are some of the conditions we treat at our animal hospital, including pet emergencies, arthritis, and pet allergies. Our veterinarian is here to help your pet get the pet care that he needs to stay health.

Common Conditions Treated at Our Animal Hospital

Here are some of the conditions that a veterinarian on our veterinary team at our animal hospital can treat.

Conditions Requiring Pet Emergency Care

Our staff is prepared to handle a pet emergency. Whether it's an accident, injury, or sudden illness, our facility is equipped to provide pet care for your pet when he needs it the most. Our veterinarian is trained to assess and treat various emergencies, including:

    • Trauma or injuries from accidents
    • Poisoning or ingestion of harmful substances
    • Breathing difficulties
    • Seizures
    • Unresponsiveness or collapse


Arthritis is a common condition that affects many pets, particularly as they age. At our veterinarian clinic, we understand how painful and debilitating arthritis can be for your pet. Our veterinarian can help diagnose and treat condition. Some of the arthritis treatments might include:

    • Pain management through medications
    • Weight management and dietary advice
    • Exercise advice

Pet Allergies

Pet allergies can be a major source of discomfort and distress for both pets and their owners. We are here to identify the cause of your pet's allergies and provide treatment to help relieve their symptoms. Our veterinarian can help diagnose various types of allergies, such as:

    • Food allergies
    • Flea allergy dermatitis
    • Environmental allergies (pollen, mold, dust mites, etc.)
    • Contact allergies (caused by specific substances touching the skin)

Once we have identified the allergens affecting your animal, we can work with you to create a customized treatment plan to alleviate their symptoms and avoid the trigger in the future.

Get Pet Care for Pet Arthritis, Pet Allergies, and a Pet Emergency

At Hillview Veterinary Clinic/Bed & Biscuit, we are here to provide care for your pets. Whether your pet requires emergency care, arthritis treatment, or allergy relief, our experienced veterinarian is here to help. Call our animal hospital in Reynoldsburg, OH, today to schedule an appointment. Call us at (614) 866-2290 for more information.

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