Dental Diseases

If you're in the Reynoldsburg, OH, area and looking for a veterinarian near you to help with your pet's dental health, you've come to the right place. At Hillview Veterinary Clinic / Bed & Biscuit, we know the importance of good dental health in pets. You don't have to worry about your pet losing teeth or developing conditions like gingivitis when you have a proper teeth cleaning schedule and support from our vet and staff. 

Dental Diseases

Why Does Your Pet Need a Dental Exam?

Pets can develop mouth problems. These issues can include cavities, gum disease, loose teeth, bad breath, and more. The goal is to avoid these problems through good oral hygiene and to catch issues early so they can be treated and corrected. Since most people don't brush their pet's teeth every day, getting a dental exam from our veterinarian can be a good way to find and treat any developing dental concerns.

How Does Teeth Cleaning Help?

Our vet can schedule a teeth cleaning procedure for your pet, which can help remove plaque and make sure the teeth and gums are clean and healthy. If there are any problems found during the cleaning or exam, you can work with our veterinarian on the best solution for those issues. Your pet can be sedated during the cleaning, making it easy and convenient for him to be screened for dental diseases and have a fresh, clean mouth.

What Is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is more commonly called gum disease and it can affect pets as well as with people. Red, inflamed gums are a common sign of this condition and other dental diseases. You may also notice plaque or tartar along the gum line and bad breath. If your pet is experiencing these signs, it can be important to bring him in for a cleaning and exam. That can help determine if there is any dental disease that needs to be treated or if a cleaning will be enough to solve the problem.

What Problems Should You Look for?

As you spend time with your pet, look for any issues that could indicate a problem with his teeth or gums. Redness, pain, swelling, and odor are usually the most important issues to look for. If you see any of those things, or if your pet appears to have a cavity or a loose tooth, seeing a veterinarian can reduce the damage and help your pet feel better fast.

Get a Pet Dental Exam and Teeth Cleaning from a Veterinarian to Protect against Gingivitis

If you're in the Reynoldsburg, OH, area, reach out to us today at Hillview Veterinary Clinic / Bed & Biscuit to work with our veterinarian and staff that cares about your pet's dental health. We're here to make caring for your pet easier. Call us at (614) 866-2290 for a pet dental exam and teeth cleaning from a “veterinarian near me” to protect against gingivitis.


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