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National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

Did you know that National Take Your Cat To The Vet Day is August 22nd? We know, our feline friends would probably prefer it if this occasion were changed to Buy Your Cat A New Catnip Toy Day or Give Your Kitty Tuna Day, but regular veterinary care is very much in Fluffy’s best interests. A local Pickerington, OH veterinarian discusses the importance of proper veterinary care below.

The Importance of Regular Visits

Fluffy’s checkups are essential for many of the same reasons as ours are. Your vet will be able to establish a baseline ‘snapshot’ of your kitty’s health, which will be very helpful in spotting any changes down the road. This also increases the chances of any issues being caught early on. Since early detection and treatment can make a huge difference, this is very important!

How Often Should Fluffy see the Doctor?

Fluffy will need to see us several times during her first year, as kittens need their initial examinations and vaccines, as well as spay/neuter surgery and follow-up appointments. Once your furball reaches adulthood, we generally recommend bringing her in at least once a year for regular checkups and wellness care. Senior kitties may need more frequent visits, so your vet can monitor Fluffy for signs of age-related health issues. Some cats also need more veterinary care than others do. Outdoor cats, for instance, should come in more often than indoor kitties. Ask your vet for specific advice, and follow their recommendations for appointment scheduling.

Warning Signs That Your Cat Needs Immediate Care

Cats are masters at masking signs of illness, but there are some common indications that can tell you your feline friend isn’t feeling well. Many kitties hide when they’re sick, so if a normally-outgoing furball suddenly takes up residence under the bed, she could be ill. Poor grooming is another red flag: greasy or matted fur is often a warning sign that something is wrong. Some other symptoms of illness in cats include changes in appetite, thirst, behavior, or vocalizations; vomiting; diarrhea; sudden weight loss or gain; difficulty urinating; and lethargy. If Fluffy has any of these symptoms, or just doesn’t seem like herself, contact us immediately.

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