Animals are a lot like humans when it comes to their health care and pet wellness. They show outward signs of being ill, such as less energy, being cranky, not wanting to move, and not eating. Pets also show internal signs of illness which can be identified through lab work. At Hill View Veterinary Clinic/Bed & Biscut in Reynoldsburg, OH, we have a full laboratory that we use for pet diagnostic services.


Common Lab Tests

Very effective lab tests include the following that can be applied to all types of pets, especially cats and dogs:

  • Urinalysis – The liquid waste product from a pet can help provide a window into kidney health and potential bladder problems.
  • Fecal Exams – What goes in, eventually goes out. Fecal exams provide clues about parasites and pests causing health problems as well as digestion system issues. Discoloration, blood, or evidence of parasites can all be found in fecal samples.
  • Blood Tests – Blood tests and analysis can confirm the presence of heartworm infections as well as signs of imbalance caused by anemia, infection, animal diabetes, and even cancer.

All of the above lab tests should be applied to a pet at least once a year.

Internal View Exams

X-rays and ultrasound examinations are critical internal medical tools. Both provide the ability to see details of the internal structure or organs, depending on the exam type, that would not be possible simply by looking at the pet from the outside. Both are essential when a pet has suffered some kind of internal injury or ingested something wrong.

A Comprehensive Pet Diagnostic Approach in Reynoldsburg OH

If you’re looking for a veterinarian office or animal hospital that also provides a full pet lab work service under the same roof, then Hillview Veterinary Clinic/Bed & Biscuit is your answer. Because we operate as a full animal hospital versus just a clinic, we're able to provide both pet diagnostics, treatment, and pet wellness guidance for preventative care as well. The result is a partnership with a full veterinarian service that helps in taking care of your dog or cat the right way from the start. Call to set up an appointment and get started. 

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