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Pet ownership is something that many people pride themselves on. They take care of their pet the way they would take care of a family member. Finding the right facility to provide proper care for the animal in your life is very important. Most people trust the services provided by the Hillview Veterinary Clinic/ Bed & Biscuit in Reynoldsburg, OH. We provide more than veterinarian service for animals. We provide immunizations for pets as well as wellness checkups. Pets need annual exams just as people do, and we pride ourselves in giving the community the best preventative care for their pets.

Online Pharmacy for Your Pets

We believe in making it as easy as possible for our pet owners to get any supplies they may need for their pets. We boast free 3-5 day shipping with no minimum purchase in our online pharmacy, which not only includes medications that your pets may need but also has food available to purchase. This is a very convenient option for our pet parents in the Reynoldsburg, OH and nearby areas.

Services That We Provide

At Hillview Veterinary Clinic/Bed & Biscuit we are a full veterinary clinic, and we provide any medical care that your pet may need. Regular checkups are very important for your pet. Regular checkups keep your pet safe from developing potentially life-threatening problems, and the checkups can also provide preventative care like vaccinations and booster shots, or parasite prevention. Other important aspects of pet care include dental care, dermatology and skincare, nutrition and weight management, behavior counseling and training. You can get the convenience of all of these services available at one clinic.

We also perform common surgeries for your pet if it is required. We have the best medical options when it comes to surgery tools. We offer laser surgery that can help treat many medical conditions. Although, if you don’t want to take your pet into surgery, we offer laser therapy as well. With laser therapy, we can improve or cure many medical conditions without having to go through the surgery process.

We Offer Pet Boarding and Pet Grooming

We will also groom and board your pet. We provide the perfect pet housing so that you can feel confident that your pet is in good hands. We also groom animals using the latest in grooming techniques and equipment. When you leave your pet with us for grooming or boarding, you can be assured that they will receive the best in service, and attention. Especially if your pet is brought to us for their medical care, we know what your pet needs and wants, and we can provide that, along with potential medical care if they need it.

Join our Family at Hillview Veterinary Clinic/Bed & Biscuit

Visit us, or call for an appointment. Your pet will enjoy our high standard of quality that we provide. Contact the veterinarians at the Hillview Veterinary Clinic/Bed & Biscuit for all of your pets medical, grooming, and boarding needs. Call us at (614) 688-2290.


  • Mary

    Hi, My name is Mary. I live with my husband John of 52 yrs. I've been with Dr. Halper for 25 years as his Office Manager.  My goal is to give the best customer service possible.

  • Dee

    My name is Dee Darst.  I have been a Professional Pet Groomer for 30 plus years as well as a Dog Trainer and Therapy Dog Evaluator.  I raised, bred and showed my own dogs which are golden retrievers and put conformation, obedience, canine good citizen, rally obedience and therapy dog titles on them.  I enjoy grooming dogs and cats for show and pet owners.   Making a pet owner’s dog or cat look good is always my pleasure as well as helping owners train their dogs to be a forever obedient companion or a valued therapy dog.

  • Beth

    Hi, I'm Beth. I've been with Hillview Veterinary Clinic for 15 years! I'm the kennel manager for the bed and biscuit. My main priority is to make sure every animal that comes in feels like they are comfortable and loved on! I strive to provide the best care so the owner doesn't have to worry while they are away from their fur babies.

  • Katie

    Hi my name is Katie, I am a kennel technician. My job is to give you and your pet a trusting relaxing stay here at Hillview. From feeding and walking to cleaning the kennel daily to ensuring your pet gets the best possible care during their stay.

  • Taylor

    Hello! My name is Taylor, and I work over in the boarding facility. I make sure all Kennels are cleaned and ensure that all pets are safe. We also love playing outside with all the pets! We're here to make sure they're comfortable and having fun during their stay.

  • Renee

    Hi, my name is Renee.  I am one of the receptionist/vet assistants here at Hillview.  I love to sing and am extremely artsy crafty.  Since the age of 5 I knew that I wanted to be in a field that takes care of animals.  I love that my job is helping make pets feel better and comforting the ones that don’t.  I cherish my 3 black labs, they are my family and mean the world to me.   I look forward to seeing you at Hillview.

  • Sadie

    Hello, my name is Sadie and I'm one of the receptionist here at Hillview. I am bubbly and full of energy and like to make your pets tail wag before they leave. I currently reside with my husband and my kitten Ms. Faye who, of course, is my whole world. I look forward to helping your pets health in the future.

  • Debi

    Hi, I am Debi and I am one of the assistants here at Hillview. I have enjoyed working with animals my entire life. I have shown horses and dogs in various venues including 4-H and AKC affiliated shows. I also enjoy photography especially animals. Currently I live here in Columbus with my five spoiled Boston Terriers. We enjoy going to parks for adventures and playing in the back yard. I look forward to helping you enable your pet to live the happiest and healthiest life possible.

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