Bed & Biscuit

The Lap of Luxury at the Bed and Biscuit

It's going to happen. You'll need to be away for a day or even longer. And you need to be confident that your pet family is taken care of by well-seasoned professionals. The Hillview Veterinary Clinic in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, offers pet boarding and day spa treatment for your cat and dog in your absence.  


In the Dog House

We at Hillview want you to have the peace of mind that your dog is comfortable, pampered, and entertained. Climate control means your dog will be comfortable. Indoor runs protect your dog from the weather. We pay expert attention to medical conditions, administration of medications, and special diets. A veterinarian is always available to monitor your dog. If you have a senior dog, we provide extra help. Our boarding offerings include doggie daycare as well as longer-term stays. While your pet is here, it's convenient to sign up for pet grooming. Our staff will lavish your dog with a lot of love and affection. Whether it's toys from home or ours, playtime is on!

In the Cat Condo

The Cat Condo is a separate quiet section for our feline friends. Your cat is welcome for a day or for an extended stay. They will experience climate comfort and the Feliway Electric Diffuser, an innovative device that circulates soothing, calming pheromones. If there are medical conditions, medications, or special diets, just let us know ahead of time, and the staff will manage these. We keep a watchful eye on senior cats. Our pet groomer and day spa can keep your cat spiffy while here. Fun, games, and monitored playtime are on the menu. As always, a veterinarian is available 24 hours a day.  

The Resort Day Spa

You can pick and choose from an array of day spa services for your pet. Our professional groomer has experience with all breeds of dogs and cats. You can opt for nail trimming, shampooing, coat conditioning, or flea and tick prevention. Our facility is outfitted with the HydroSurge® Animal Bathing System that shampoos, massages, and thoroughly rinses off dead skin, loose fur, and debris. 

Resort Requirements

All pets must be current on vaccinations before their stay here. If your pet has received these elsewhere, you must bring proof. Vaccinations can be provided upon boarding. 

Book It

Call Hillview Veterinary Clinic at  (614) 866-2290 to book a Bed and Biscuit stay. 

We are located at 14277 National Rd SW, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

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