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How to Successfully Trick Your Cat Into Behaving

Cats are many things: they’re cute, funny, lovable, and affectionate. Fluffy isn’t perfect, however. In fact, kitties have quite a few bad habits. Correcting bad behavior in cats can be a bit tricky, however. Punishment doesn’t work with our feline friends, and can often backfire. Tricks and bribery, on the other hand, can be very effective. Below, a Pickerington, OH vet discusses how to trick your cat into behaving.


Does Fluffy ignore your rule about staying off the counters? It might be time for a bit of subterfuge. Place cookie sheets on the edge of the counter. When Fluffy jumps onto the counter, the sheets will fall, making a loud noise. Your feline buddy won’t be hurt, but she’ll probably hightail it to a favorite hiding spot to ponder the pros and cons of jumping on counters.

Escape Attempts

Is Fluffy sniffing around the door, perhaps hoping to slip out the next time someone opens it? Make a loud noise to startle her and make her wary of the door. You can rattle a jar of change, sound a bike horn, or download an annoying alarm sound for your smartphone.

Midnight Zoomies

Does your cat keep you up at night? Kitties are sometimes at their most active when you’re trying to rest. Tire your furball out by engaging her in a vigorous evening play session. Then, just before bedtime, give your furball her dinner. Most likely, Fluffy will freshen up after her meal by grooming herself, and will soon start feeling sleepy.

Rough Play

Fluffy’s playful antics can be very cute … at least, until she decides that you’re a giant cat toy! To discourage rough play, simply tell your furball to play nice, and then walk away and ignore her. You can also try putting a taste deterrent on your hands.


Scratching is a very common complaint among people that are owned by cats. If Fluffy is using your sofa as a manicure station, try putting clear, two-sided tape on the corner of your couch. Cats hate that sticky feeling! To increase the odds of success, make sure your cat has a sturdy tower or post to scratch. Sweeten the deal by putting catnip and toys around it.

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