Pet Microchipping

Microchipping in Reynoldsburg

There’s no time like the present to consider permanent pet identification in the form of microchipping for your pets. With more than three million dogs and cats euthanized in pet shelters each year, no one wants this to be the story for their pets. Microchipping pets won’t guarantee that no harm ever comes to their pets, but it greatly diminishes the odds by helping to ensure your pets are returned promptly if they ever wander away from your home. 


How do Microchips Work?

The procedure, conducted in our veterinarian office, is practically painless, causing about as much pain to pets as the vaccinations you give to keep them healthy and prevent various diseases. The entire procedure is over in a matter of minutes and you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet can be returned to you if it ever strays or becomes lost.

Procedure Performed at Local Veterinary Hospital

Reynoldsburg veterinary hospital, Hillview Veterinary Clinic, offers a wide range of services, including pet microchipping. This service is one of the most important for providing owners with peace of mind that their pets can be returned to them if they ever wonder away.

It is essential for pets who have medical conditions, such as diabetes, epilepsy, and more that require daily medications, for facilitating swifter notifications and recoveries in these situations. However, every pet owner knows that our pets are members of the family and their safe return is essential.

Permanent pet identification is also critical for people who live in areas where emergency evacuations for wildfires, hurricanes, and other events, may require them to leave pets at home. These chips can be instrumental in helping reunite owners with their pets in the aftermath of disasters like these.

The other benefit of microchips for pets is that they last the lifetime of the pets. This means that if they become confused as they age, people will still be able to help return your pet to you thanks to your decision to microchip your pet today. This is one act of love for your pet, on your part, that never goes away.

Don’t regret not investing in microchipping for your pet. It’s a simple procedure we can take care of in our Reynoldsburg Veterinarian Hospital. Contact us today, or call (614) 866-2290, to learn more about the various services we provide and to schedule a microchipping appointment for your precious pet.

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