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Caring for a Small Dog

Do you have a little dog? There are some great benefits to having a smaller canine. These little guys are often very lovable and cuddly, as many have been bred as companion animals, rather than working dogs. They also don’t need as much room or exercise as their larger cousins. There are some specific do’s and don’ts when it comes to caring for small dogs, however. Below, a Reynoldsburg, OH vet offers tips on caring for a pint-sized pooch.


Small dogs can easily get tangled up or injure themselves with toys made for bigger pups. Choose playthings that fit your pup’s size.


Small dogs need training, too! After all, petiquette is important to all dogs, not just for manners, but also for safety reasons. Make sure your furry pal knows at least the five basic commands, which are SitStayHeelCome, and Lay Down.


Little dogs don’t need as much exercise as big dogs. After all, small dogs have to work hard to cover ground on those little legs. Fido may get quite a workout just running around the house! Be careful not to overexert your canine pal. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


Some little dogs are larger than life, and will charge anything and everything in their path. Other little dogs are very timid. Pay attention to your pup’s body language. You don’t want little Fido tangling with a larger dog! If your little one is easily frightened, teach him that putting his paw on your leg will get him picked up and cuddled.


It’s very easy to overfeed a little dog. Choose treats made for small dogs, and don’t overindulge Fido with fatty snacks. Otherwise, you might find that your pooch is quickly becoming a little butterball! Ask your vet for recommendations.


There are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to dressing small dogs. Some dogs with thin coats, like Chihuahuas, may need protection against the elements. Many small dog owners simply enjoy dressing their pets in cute clothes. Just be sure to choose Fido’s outfits wisely. Avoid anything that is tight or constricting, or clothes with small parts or dangling pieces that could choke your little furball.

Do you have questions about caring for a little dog? Contact us, your local Reynoldsburg, OH animal hospital, for all your small dog’s veterinary care needs.

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