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Healthy teeth and gums play a pivotal role in your pet’s overall health and longevity. Dental disease is one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions in adult dogs and cats, and its something that can cause serious problems throughout your pet’s entire body. If left untreated, dental disease can even shorten your pet’s life. The good news is you can protect your animal companion and prevent this dangerous condition from developing by keeping up with routine dental care.

At Hillview Veterinary Clinic, we offer complete veterinary dental care services to help keep your pet’s mouth healthy and clean. From routine teeth cleanings and polishings to digital x-rays to complete extractions as needed, we’re well equipped to help manage your pet’s oral health. In addition, we would like to offer all pets who receive a dental work up and cleaning at Hillview, a free bag of C.E.T. Enzymatic Chews, excellent means to maintain good dental health. We’ll also work with you to teach you ways that you can help keep your pet’s teeth and gums clean at home, in between visits.

Make no mistake, tooth problems and dental disease cause more than just bad breath. They can be downright painful for your pet and can lead to the development of other serious diseases as well as a compromised immune system. This can place your pet at a greater risk of infection and make it much harder to fight off illness over time. Take care of your pet’s mouth by committing to regular veterinary dental care. Together we will work hard to ensure that your pet enjoys a lifetime of good oral health.

The Importance Of Pet Dental Care

Two essential components of general pet wellness that are often overlooked are dental care and dermatology. In this guide, our team at Hillview Veterinary Clinic/Bed & Biscuit discusses the importance of pet dental care and how we can help.

Your Pet Can’t Communicate Verbally

Have you ever had a toothache? If so, you know how miserable it can be. Fortunately, you can tell someone else that you're in pain, schedule an appointment with the dentist, and either drive yourself or have someone else drive you. The bottom line is that you have the ability to take care of that pain. On the other hand, your pet cannot tell you with words that they're in pain, call a dentist, or drive to an appointment, which means that they can be in a great deal of pain and have no way to address it. Regular dental care can prevent this issue as the veterinarian can not only spot potential issues but also help prevent them.

A Healthy Mouth Supports General Health and Wellness 

Many people do not realize that dental issues can impact more than just the mouth. They can actually affect your pet’s kidneys, heart, liver, and other vital organs. In short, it can actually cost your pet its life. Regular cleanings can greatly reduce this risk and keep your pet around for much longer.

Regular Pet Dental Care Reduces the Chances of Emergencies

It’s no secret that emergency visits to an animal hospital can be a strain on the wallet and stressful for both you and your pet. Though you can’t prevent everything, regular dental care can go a long way in reducing the need for unexpected trips to your local animal hospital.

Your Veterinarian Is Essential to Proper Dental Care

At Hillview Veterinary Clinic/Bed & Biscuit, we offer essential dental care for your pet, including regular cleaning, extractions, and everything in between. As the steps you take at home are just as important as the cleanings they receive, we’ll provide customized recommendations to help you support and improve your pet’s dental health.

Why You Should Come to a Veterinary Hospital For Your Pet's Dental Care

Bringing a pet into your home can be a wonderful experience and the beloved animal can very quickly feel like a part of your family. However, having a pet is also a big responsibility that you’ll need to take seriously. One part of this is making sure that your pet gets attention and care from a veterinarian, which will also include receiving good pet dental care. Inviting HillView veterinary hospital for your pet's dental care needs is the first step to your pet’s healthy dental care, you’ll receive a variety of different valuable services. 

Pet Dental Care Examination and Cleaning

When visiting Hill View veterinarian in the Reynoldsburg, OH area, one service that we can provide you with is a routine dental exam and cleaning. Similar to people, pets seem for regular teeth examination’s and cleaning perceivers are just as important to their health as it is for us. Receiving an examination and teeth cleaning service for your pet, opens up your awareness for any oral care and dental issues that your pet maybe experiencing. You’ll also know after a visit with us your pet's teeth are cleaned and healthy with more knowledge of their dental care.

Additional Dental Care Procedures

In most situations, you may only need to receive preventative care such as the examination which can help detect periodontal disease or any discoloration of the teeth. However, depending on how the evaluation goes, you may need to receive some additional services as well. If your pet's teeth aren’t in the healthiest condition, dental surgery maybe recommended base on your pet’s oral health. In that case, it could include having a root canal or tooth extraction procedure. 

Ongoing Care Tips

Since a tooth extraction, root canal, and other dental surgery is not fun for a pet, you should find ways to keep your pet's teeth healthy in the future. Veterinarian care provides great tips on how you can keep your pet's teeth clean and healthy. This can include making changes to the animal's diet, getting chew toys that encourage oral health, and even cleaning your pet's teeth at home using a variety of simple and convenient pet teeth cleaning tools. 

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