Dermatology Treatment at Hillview Veterinary Clinic

Just as people do, dogs and cats can suffer from dermatology issues. Dermatology is the branch of medicine that focuses on diagnosing and treating issues related to the skin. Untreated skin issues lead to constant scratching and licking, which can turn into several other health problems for your animal. If you have a pet that is dealing with a skin problem, contact Hillview Veterinary Clinic in Reynoldsburg to make an appointment with our veterinarian for effective treatment.


Types of Pet Dermatological Issues and How We Can Help

The Presence of Fleas

If a dog or cat has a flea infestation, skin issues are likely to follow. Fleas bite at the skin, leaving behind small welts. These are rather itchy and painful, which cause pets to bite or scratch at affected areas. When this occurs, fur falls out, and the skin problem may worsen. A flea problem requires effective treatment before the skin can heal. 

Skin Rash

Rashes occur when a pet is allergic to a particular food item, the environment, or a chemical agent. If the pet comes into contact with an allergen, the skin becomes inflamed, often with a visible rash. A rash is noticed when you pet your dog or cat. If you feel raised bumps while petting your animal, part your pet's fur to look for signs of skin trauma. Since rashes are usually itchy, they need to be treated with medication to alleviate symptoms.

Open Cuts or Wounds

If your pet scratches or bites at areas of their skin, he or she has the potential of forming a wound. This is very risky for the pet as the area could become infected and lead to other issues that require treatment. If your pet has cuts on his or her skin, it is best to contact our veterinarian for an assessment.

Dry Skin

If your pet has exceptionally dry skin, he or she will likely suffer from discomfort in the form of itchiness. It is essential to avoid bathing your pet too often if he or she has dry skin. Excessive moisture on dry skin causes the depletion of natural oils needed for keeping skin supple. Our veterinarian can provide you with recommendations regarding treatment and shampoo that does not dry the skin.

Missing Fur 

If there are patches of fur missing from your pet's body, there is a possibility it is a result of your pet's attention to areas where skin issues are present. Check the skin in these areas in detail for bumps, cuts, scaliness, or fleas. Since missing fur could also be the result of anxiety, a trip to our vet hospital is necessary to determine the reasoning for your pet's actions.

Contact Us for Dermatology Treatment from Our Veterinarian in Reynoldsburg

If your pet is suffering from a food or skin allergy that requires intervention, contact us at Hillview Veterinary Clinic to make an appointment with our team for an assessment. We are committed to providing pets the care they need to live happy and healthy lives. Call our Reynoldsburg office at (614) 866-2290 to find out more about us and the many services we offer pets.

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