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  • Spoil Your Dog for National Pet Month
    May is a very special time for our animal friends: it’s National Pet Month! While we think that our furry pals should be pampered all the time, this is a Read more
  • Cattitude
    Kitties definitely are full of fun and quirky character traits. Somehow, these little furballs have managed to wrap us around their paws. Have you ever wondered what is going through Read more
  • Springtime With Fido
    Spring has finally sprung! As the weather warms up, many people and their canine pals will be happy to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. Just be sure to Read more
  • If Pets Had Thumbs Day
    Did you know that there’s a very fun pet holiday coming up? March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day. While it’s not highly likely that our furry companions will Read more
  • Choosing Cat Furniture
    Does your kitty have some things of her own to play on and look smug about? If so, that’s great! Fluffy has never been shy about ‘borrowing’ our beds, couches, Read more
  • Obesity in Cats
    Is your feline friend a bit larger than life? Is your cat essentially a furry little vacuum cleaner on paws, eating everything in her bowl and then begging for more? Read more
  • Squirrel Appreciation Day
    Did you know that there’s a holiday devoted just to squirrels? January 21st is Squirrel Appreciation Day! While you probably don’t have a pet squirrel yourself, there’s a good chance Read more
  • Fluffy’s New Year’s Resolutions
    Happy New Year! Are you making resolutions this year? If so, your kitty will be right by your side—or on your lap—as you strive to make your new goals. In Read more
  • Holiday Treats for Dogs
    Do you do a lot of cooking? If so, you’ll probably be spending quite a bit of time in the kitchen over the next few weeks. Of course, your canine Read more
  • Dogs and Christmas Trees
    The holiday season is officially up on us! Are you planning to put up a tree this year? If you have a dog, you may want to take some precautions Read more
  • Thanksgiving With Fluffy
    Do you have a kitty? If so, your feline pal will no doubt be underfoot as you start making your Thanksgiving preparations. Cats are definitely something to be thankful for! Read more
  • Your Cat’s Favorite Herb
    How much do you know about catnip? It’s your feline friend’s favorite plant! Learn more about catnip and the way it affects our cats below in this article from a Read more
  • Helping Feral Cats
    Did you know that there are as many as 70 million feral cats in the United States? Sadly, many of these kitties lead a very tough life. While some were Read more
  • Keeping Your Dog in Shape
    Did you know that October 11th is Pet Obesity Day? Of course, given the chance, Fido would likely insist that this means he should be given lots of bacon and Read more
  • Pet Danger Zones Inside Your Home
    Unfortunately, even the most safety-conscious pet owners have a few danger spots at home. It’s simply unavoidable! The trick is being aware so that your pet can stay healthy. Below, Read more
  • Happy Healthy Cat Month
    Did you know that September is officially Happy, Healthy Cat Month? Needless to say, we think every month should be Happy, Healthy Cat Month! Kitties certainly deserve to be comfortable, Read more

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