Pet Groomers

Pamper your Cat & Dog at the Pet Groomers

Everyone loves getting pampered, whether it is getting a haircut, massage, or going to the nail salon. It is always a relaxing experience. Dogs and cats like to feel relaxed and pampered as well. At Hillview Vet Clinic/ Bed & Biscuit in Reynoldsburg, OH, we have a day spa and salon services with a certified stylist for your furry friends to feel and smell good.

Pet Grooming and Pet Care

If your pet needs a shampoo and cleaning treatment, we have a certified stylist with over 30 years of grooming experience that will be able to get your pet in tip-top shape. A few of the services we provide for both dogs and cats are:

  • toenail trim
  • haircuts
  • ear cleaning
  • baths with shampoo and coat conditioning
  • flea bath for flea and tick prevention

Dog and Cat Day Spa

At our day spa, your dog and cat can get the full relaxing and pampering treatment they deserve. We have a HydroSurge Animal Bathing System with shampoo and a thorough rinse that rids your pet of any debris, dead skin, and loose fur. It also will give your pet a massage for a great grooming experience. As for cats, who are not always used to going to the pet groomers, we have a Feliway Electric Diffuser that will keep them calm. It sends positive and calming pheromones into the air to ensure that your cat will feel calm and relaxed while being groomed.

Call Hillview Vet Clinic Today!

Your pet deserves a full grooming experience when they go to the pet groomers. That is why we have a certified stylist that will provide the best pet care for your dog and cat while they get their haircuts and baths. Not only will they come home with a fresh cut, but they will also smell good. Schedule your pet grooming and other salon services at Hillview Vet Clinic / Bed & Biscuit of Reynoldsburg today.


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