Pet Infections

Pet infections are a common concern for pet owners. These infections can range from minor to severe, potentially affecting the overall health and well-being of pets. At Hillview Veterinary Clinic / Bed & Biscuit in Reynoldsburg, OH, we provide various treatments to relieve any discomfort your furry friend is experiencing and help him or her heal. Before visiting us, learn about some causes and symptoms of pet infections below:

Pet Infections

Common Types of Pet Infections

Pet infections can be caused by a variety of factors, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Bacterial infections, such as those caused by E. coli or Salmonella, can result from consuming contaminated food or water. Viral infections, like canine parvovirus or feline herpesvirus, can spread through direct contact with infected animals or their bodily fluids. Additionally, parasites like fleas, ticks, and worms can also cause infections in pets.

Causes and Risk Factors

The causes of pet infections are diverse and can include exposure to other infected animals, poor hygiene, improper diet, and environmental factors. Pets with weakened immune systems, whether due to age, underlying health conditions, or stress, are more susceptible to infections. Fleas, ticks, and other parasites are common vectors that can also transmit infectious agents. Regular grooming and maintaining a clean living environment are essential preventive measures.

Recognizing the Symptoms

Identifying the symptoms of infections early can help in prompt treatment. Common symptoms include fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea. Along with that, skin infections can cause redness, swelling, or itching, while respiratory infections often lead to coughing, sneezing, and difficulty breathing. Any sudden changes in your pet’s behavior or physical condition should be evaluated by our veterinarian.


The treatment for pet infections depends on the type and severity of the infection. Bacterial infections typically require antibiotics, while viral infections may need supportive care to help your pet’s immune system fight off the virus. Antifungal medications are used to treat fungal infections and antiparasitic treatments are necessary for dealing with parasites. In some cases, hospitalization may be required for severe infections. It’s important to follow our veterinarian’s instructions carefully and complete the entire course of prescribed medications to ensure full recovery.

Preventive Measures

Preventing pet infections involves a combination of good hygiene, regular veterinary care, and preventive treatments. It’s also important that your furry companion is up-to-date with vaccinations and receives routine check-ups. Along with that, regularly clean bedding and living areas, provide proper nutrition, and ensure your pet receives regular exercise to stay healthy and resilient against infections.

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