Benefits of Pet Daycare

The Benefits of Pet Daycare

If you are like most pet owners, you would love nothing more than to spend your days snuggling, feeding, and playing with your pets while giving them lots of attention. But, most of us need to head off to work, leaving our pets home alone. Unfortunately, pets that are home alone can experience separation anxiety and other stress-related issues. For many families, pet daycare can help owners feel comfortable with leaving their pets for a while. At Hillview Veterinary Clinic / Bed & Biscuit in Reynoldsburg, OH, we see the benefits of pet daycare every day.

Reduced Separation Anxiety

Dogs naturally become attached to their owners, and when their owners are away pets can become stressed and sad. This stress can lead to potty accidents, barking, chewing, and attempts to escape. Daycare can prevent separation anxiety by ensuring your pet’s day is full of exercise, friends, positive interactions, and lots of attention.


Pets need plenty of exercise to stay happy and healthy. Unfortunately, dogs and cats that are home alone too often may not have enough activity in their days. In daily pet care, your furry friends will have access to playing space so that they can stay active. When your pets can run and play throughout their day, they are less likely to gain excess weight and will feel calm and happy.

Socialization Training

Dogs and cats are social creatures. Spending their days playing with friends helps pets to learn manners and acceptable behaviors. Daily pet care can be an important part of socialization training which prevents dogs and cats from becoming aggressive towards other animals and helps them understand how to approach new situations.

Establish a Routine

Pets feel the most secure when their days are predictable. Going to pet daycare provides a routine that includes consistent drop-off and pick-up times, feeding and snacking schedules, exercise, and medication schedules. Not only does a consistent schedule of care help your pet feel loved and secure, most pet owners find that it gives them peace of mind as well.

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