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The Importance of Pet Dental Care

Two essential components of general pet wellness that are often overlooked are dental care and dermatology. In this guide, our team at Hillview Veterinary Clinic/Bed & Biscuit discusses the importance of pet dental care and how we can help.


Your Pet Can’t Communicate Verbally

Have you ever had a toothache? If so, you know how miserable it can be. Fortunately, you can tell someone else that you're in pain, schedule an appointment with the dentist, and either drive yourself or have someone else drive you. The bottom line is that you have the ability to take care of that pain. On the other hand, your pet cannot tell you with words that they're in pain, call a dentist, or drive to an appointment, which means that they can be in a great deal of pain and have no way to address it. Regular dental care can prevent this issue as the veterinarian can not only spot potential issues but also help prevent them.

A Healthy Mouth Supports General Health and Wellness 

Many people do not realize that dental issues can impact more than just the mouth. They can actually affect your pet’s kidneys, heart, liver, and other vital organs. In short, it can actually cost your pet its life. Regular cleanings can greatly reduce this risk and keep your pet around for much longer.

Regular Pet Dental Care Reduces the Chances of Emergencies

It’s no secret that emergency visits to an animal hospital can be a strain on the wallet and stressful for both you and your pet. Though you can’t prevent everything, regular dental care can go a long way in reducing the need for unexpected trips to your local animal hospital.

Your Veterinarian Is Essential to Proper Dental Care

At Hillview Veterinary Clinic/Bed & Biscuit, we offer essential dental care for your pet, including regular cleaning, extractions, and everything in between. As the steps you take at home are just as important as the cleanings they receive, we’ll provide customized recommendations to help you support and improve your pet’s dental health.

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Whether you’re looking for pet dental care, pet dermatology, or simply a pet wellness check-up, we’ve got you covered. Call Hillview Veterinary Clinic/Bed & Biscuit today at (614) 866-2290 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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