Squirrel Appreciation Day

Did you know that there’s a holiday devoted just to squirrels? January 21st is Squirrel Appreciation Day! While you probably don’t have a pet squirrel yourself, there’s a good chance that your dog or cat enjoys watching these cute little guys, and perhaps trying to chase them. Read on as a Pickerington, OH vet discusses squirrels.


If you let your kitty go outdoors, she may very well start hunting small animals, like squirrels, and leaving them on your doorstep to show you her gratitude for offering her food, water, toys, attention, and love. However, feline hunting habits are actually endangering local wildlife. While squirrels aren’t endangered, housecats do hunt birds, and in fact are threatening already-fragile populations. We recommend keeping Fluffy indoors, and giving her a catnip squirrel instead.


If your cat sees a squirrel outside the window, she may start clicking her teeth together and making strange little sounds. No one is quite sure why our feline pals do this, though it is likely in some way connected to Fluffy’s natural predatory instincts. This cute kitty quirk can be hilarious to watch!

Squirrel Watching

Pets need stimulation to stay happy. Make sure your furry pal has a good view, so he or she can watch birds and squirrels. Squirrel-watching is great entertainment for our four-legged buddies!


Do you walk your dog every day? If so, that’s great! While this is, of course, absolutely necessary for sanitary reasons if you don’t have a yard, the activity and change of scenery walks provide are great for Fido. Your pet will also benefit from the mental stimulation he gets from seeing unfamiliar squirrels!


Does Fido sometimes yank on his leash if he spots a squirrel while you are walking him? Some dogs have a very hard time resisting the urge to chase squirrels! However, lunging is a bad habit, and can even be dangerous in certain situations, such as near busy roads or on icy ground. The next time your pup yanks on his leash, immediately stop and change direction.


Like any other wild animals, squirrels can carry fleas, ticks, and other parasites. They can also transmit dangerous bacteria and viruses. Be sure to keep up with your animal companion’s vaccinations and parasite control products!

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