Your Poor Pooch Can Suffer from Allergies, Too

Your golden retriever Bailey looks like he’s preparing for an allergy-related television commercial. Bailey has recently been scratching like crazy, and his skin has a reddish tint under his coat. Bailey has also been obsessively licking his paws and feverishly digging at his ears. Just like humans, Bailey’s immune system views certain substances, or allergens, as dangerous. These allergens can affect Bailey through his food, through skin contact, and even through the air he breathes. When Bailey’s immune system senses an allergen attack, the system tries to combat the allergen; and this response causes respiratory, skin, and digestive symptoms. Good thing your veterinarian from Reynoldsburg can diagnose Bailey’s allergic condition and develop a treatment plan. Learn more about dogs’ allergy problems.

Frequently Encountered Symptoms

Canine and human allergy patients exhibit many of the same symptoms. For example, Bailey might display moist, reddish skin; and he’s already been scratching like a fool. You might also notice that Bailey sneezes, has runny eyes and itchy ears; and he is subject to frequent ear infections. These uncomfortable symptoms can also result in secondary skin problems that can lead to hair loss and crusty skin.

Allergens That Make Your Dog Miserable

So what kinds of allergens can make Bailey so miserable? For starters, house dust mites, dust, mold spores, and pollen are well-known culprits. Bailey might also be sensitive to perfume, cigarette smoke, and cleaning product fumes. If Bailey has a flea allergy, even one flea bite can give your dog two to three weeks of itchy misery. Finally, animal dander (hopefully not Bailey’s own) can cause an allergic reaction.

Food Allergies Can Also Be the Culprit

Let’s not forget food allergies, a common condition that can affect dogs from puppies to senior pooches. If Bailey’s affected, he might suffer from diarrhea and vomiting problems. Bailey might also scratch himself incessantly due to itchy skin. Since finding the food allergy’s cause might be tough, your vet will structure an elimination diet for Bailey. In a nutshell, you’ll banish certain foods from Bailey’s diet and note if his symptoms change accordingly.

Breeds Who Are Allergy Magnets

While allergy problems can make any dog miserable, several breeds seem to be especially susceptible. Retrievers (like Bailey), terriers, and setters seem to attract allergies like furniture attracts dust. Also, flat-faced dogs such as Boston terriers, bulldogs, and pugs seem to have an abundance of allergy problems.

After your Reynoldsburg vet evaluates Bailey’s symptoms, he’ll pinpoint the cause of Bailey’s problem. The vet will carefully design a treatment plan that should help your miserable dog feel better.

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