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Easy-to-Follow Senior Cat Care Guidelines

Your ten-year-old cat Moxie is still the spunky girl you adopted many years ago. This spritely orange tabby thoroughly enjoys her toys and daily playtime sessions, and she even rolls around the floor with your dog on occasion. You’d like your favorite companion to remain healthy, so your Pickerington vet gives your feisty feline regular physical exams.

Delicious, Nutritious Senior Diet

Little Moxie isn’t the pint-sized cat she used to be. Your feline housemate now has a stomach that swings sideways when she walks. In contrast, your sister’s senior cat has lost weight as he has aged. The vet wants your feline to lose a few pounds, as that minimizes her risks of specific medical problems. After determining your cat’s nutritional needs, and noting her daily exercise, the vet will recommend a weight loss-friendly diet.

Track your cat’s weight daily with a scale that registers even tiny changes. If the number suddenly goes down, she might be developing a medical ailment. Take her to the vet quickly.

Blissful Brushing Sessions

Moxie thinks mornings are made for brushing. She hops on your lap like clockwork, setting herself comfortably as you groom her fur and gather loose hair that could form hairballs. Brushing also stimulates your feline friend’s skin and improves her circulation; and both benefits bring better coat health. If she’s not interested in her scratching post, trim her claws.

Secret Physical Checkup

While you’re brushing your cat, she’s having such a good time that she doesn’t realize you’re giving her a stealth physical exam. You slowly move your hands over her skin and coat, feeling for anything abnormal. If you suspect a problem, alert your vet immediately.

Low-Stress Life

Moxie has no interest in being a stressed-out cat. Help her stay calm by minimizing changes to your household routine; and provide her with extra attention when you can’t avoid a disruption. If you’ve scheduled a vacation or business trip, recruit a familiar friend, neighbor, or relative to pamper your cat in their home. Also, per your feline matriarch’s wishes, don’t bring any more pets home while she rules the roost.

Take your deserving cat to your Pickerington vet at least once yearly. The vet will give Moxie a thorough physical exam and address emerging medical issues. To give your senior cat a tailored health plan, call us for an appointment.

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