Details of Your Dog’s Dental Cleaning Appointment

Your newly adopted golden retriever Sadie has the most beautiful coat in town. Unfortunately, your dog’s teeth also have a yellowish cast, probably the result of inadequate dental care before she joined your family. During Sadie’s recent new patient exam, your veterinarian Pickerington recommended a thorough dental cleaning for your chopper-challenged pooch. You’re glad the vet wants your dog to prevent painful dental disease. Learn more about dogs’ dental cleaning appointments.

Schedule-Friendly Appointment

You can easily fit Sadie’s dental cleaning into your daily schedule. You’ll take your dog to the clinic in the morning, and she’ll receive her complete dental cleaning sometime that day. At a prearranged time, most likely during the late afternoon, you’ll pick up your happy dog and her much-cleaner teeth.

Pre-Cleaning Dental Exam

Before the cleaning begins, the vet will obtain a snapshot of Sadie’s current dental health. First, he’ll perform a pre-cleaning dental exam. If your dog’s previous dental records are available, they’ll also provide valuable information.

If Sadie’s lucky, her teeth will only show some plaque and tartar buildup, with bone loss or gingivitis around one or more teeth. If that’s the case, your dog will receive a standard dental cleaning. If other problems surface, the vet will consult with you before resolving them. Also, the vet will probably request pre-cleaning blood work. He wants to review Sadie’s overall health before she receives her required anesthesia.

Complete Dental Cleaning

First, the vet will give Sadie anesthesia that will keep her comfortable and permit the vet to safely complete his work. Throughout the cleaning, a veterinary technician will closely observe your dog’s vital signs.

Next, the vet will examine Sadie’s gums, ordering x-rays for any questionable spots. He’ll thoroughly clean your canine companion’s teeth, banishing harmful plaque and tartar with efficient dental scalers. Sadie will also get an effective polishing treatment that evens out her tooth surfaces, making debris accumulation more difficult. Afterward, your dog will relax in her kennel until you take her home.

Follow-Up Dental Care

Your veterinarian Pickerington will likely instruct you to brush Sadie’s teeth at home; and he’ll provide easy-to-follow directions. He might also suggest dental chews and/or a dental rinse.

By brushing Sadie’s teeth often, and scheduling her for regular dental cleanings, you’ll help to improve her dental health. If you’d like the vet to examine your dog’s teeth and gums, schedule an appointment today.

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