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Obesity in Cats

Is your feline friend a bit larger than life? Is your cat essentially a furry little vacuum cleaner on paws, eating everything in her bowl and then begging for more? If Fluffy is, well, not just fluffy, you may need to address your kitty’s weight. Obesity is just as dangerous for pets as it is for people! Read on as a local Pickerington, OH vet discusses obesity in kitties.

Medical Problems

We know, chubby kitties are cute. Unfortunately, pudgy pets face some very serious health risks. Those extra pounds can increase Fluffy’s chances of developing several dangerous health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, respiratory issues, liver and kidney trouble, and painful bone/joint disorders, like arthritis. Obese cats are also at a higher risk of developing complications after surgery, reproductive trouble, skin problems, and even certain cancers. Being overweight can even shorten your furry pal’s lifespan!

Feeding Fluffy

As one would expect, your kitty’s diet plays a large role in her overall weight. Offer Fluffy a high-quality pet food, but don’t go overboard. Does your furball have a habit of begging for treats? Don’t let your theatrical pet convince you to overfeed her! Also, cats that eat only dry food may be more prone to obesity than kitties who get canned food or a mix of both. This is because kibble often contains a lot of fattening carbs and fillers. If you know or suspect that your furry buddy needs to slim down, ask your vet for specific nutritional advice. Never put a cat on a crash diet: this is very bad for kitty metabolism, and could make your cute pet very sick!

Keeping Kitty Moving

It’s very important to keep Fluffy moving and active. Cats are quite frisky and playful as kittens, but they usually slow down—sometimes way down—as they grow older. Offer your feline pal lots of playthings, and take time to play with her daily. To really get your furball up and moving, use interactive toys that you can control, like a laser pointer or a wand toy. We also recommend making sure Fluffy has at least one window with a good view. Entertainment, activity, and stimulation will all help prevent boredom snacking, which actually quite common in cats.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, your Pickerington, OH pet hospital, for all your chubby cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help.

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