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How to Spoil a Senior Cat

Is your cat starting to slow down? As Fluffy ages, you probably won’t notice any immediate, drastic changes in her appearance or behavior. However, as your feline friend enters her golden years, her needs will change a little bit. Read on as a local Pickerington, OH vet offers tips on how to pamper a senior cat.


Believe it or not, senior cats are even sleepier than their younger counterparts. Offer Fluffy plenty of comfy beds to snooze in.

Proper Nutrition

Good food will play a huge role in your pet’s health and well-being. Offer your kitty high-quality , nutritious food, but don’t overfeed her. Fluffy will be much healthier if she stays at or near her ideal weight. Ask your vet for more information.

Veterinary Care

Fluffy may need to see the vet a bit more often as she grows older. Regular exams greatly increase the chances of medical issues being caught—and therefore treated—early. In between appointments, watch for potential signs of illness. Contact your vet immediately if anything seems amiss.

Kitty Comforts

Senior cats often develop vision problems, and sometimes have trouble seeing at night. Keep a nightlight on after dark to help Fluffy find her way around more easily. Your kitty may also appreciate having pet ramps or stairs to help her climb to her favorite lounging spots.

Be Gentle

Just like people, senior cats often get stiff and sore. Be very gentle when picking Fluffy up or putting her down.


Older cats sometimes have trouble reaching their entire bodies when grooming themselves. Give your kitty a hand by brushing her gently.

Senior Facilities

Fluffy may find it easier to get in and out of a litterbox with low walls. If you have more than one floor, put litterboxes on every story. That way, your furball won’t have to use the stairs as much.


Take a few minutes to play with Fluffy every day. This will help keep her bones and muscles strong. It’s also great for her mind!


Pay plenty of attention to your cat, and make sure she feels loved and safe. Talk to Fluffy, pet her, and let her cuddle up with you when she wants. Purrs from senior kitties are extra special!

Please contact us, your Pickerington, OH animal clinic, with any questions about senior cat care. We are here to help!

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