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Why Pet Playtime is So Important

Playtime with your pet can be quite a lot of fun, both for your four-legged friend and yourself! Did you know that play is actually a very important part of a pet’s health regimen? Learn more here from a vet in Pickerington, OH.

Physical Benefits

A pet who plays is a pet who receives proper exercise. One major benefit of playtime is that it provides your pet with regular exercise, helping to burn calories, keep the muscles toned, and stave off dangerous obesity. No matter how you do it—go on long walks around your neighborhood, jog around the backyard, or romp with a toy on the floor—playtime is simply the best way to get your pet the exercise he or she needs.

Mental Benefits

Pets who sit around all day, cooped up indoors or in a small crate, aren’t going to be mentally healthy. Pets need engagement and stimulation to remain happy—if a pet doesn’t get it through playtime, they may not get it at all! Even our feline friends, who may seem aloof most of the time, require play and direct interaction to stay mentally stimulated and healthy. Talk to your veterinarian about some of the best play techniques for your particular animal friend.

Behavioral Benefits

Playtime is also important because it allows pets an appropriate outlet for their energy; this is especially true of younger puppies and kittens. In fact, pets who don’t receive the proper amount of playtime and exercise are far more likely to engage in undesirable behaviors like house soiling, aggression toward owners or other pets, loud vocalization, chewing, scratching, digging, escape attempts, and more. It’s far easier to avoid these sorts of hassles whenever you can, and regular playtime is one of the best ways to do that.

Quality Bonding Experience

Of course, playing with your pet offers essential bonding time that serves an important role in your relationship. The connection you share with your cat or dog is one of the strongest and most meaningful you may ever know! Strengthen your shared bond with playtime on a daily basis—it will prove fulfilling for both you and your four-legged companion.

Would you like specific advice on the most beneficial playtime routines for your pet? Not all pets need the same sort of exercise. Your Pickerington, OH veterinarian is here to help—call the clinic today for advice from the professionals.

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