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Creating a Dog-Friendly Yard

Does your canine buddy have a yard to patrol? If so, that’s wonderful! Man’s Best Friend loves to run and play outside. Making sure your furry pal has shade, water, and shelter outdoors is very important, but there are some additional steps you can take to make your yard more dog-friendly. Below, a Reynoldsburg, OH vet offers some yard design tips for dog owners.

Remove Toxic Plants

Many common plants are toxic to dogs. Make sure to remove any plants that are dangerous for Fido. Check the ASPCA site for a full list of safe and unsafe plants.

Secure Fencing

Make sure your fencing is secure. If Fido is prone to digging or trying to escape, bury chicken wire along the bottom of the fence, and weight it down with rocks before covering it back up. We also recommend getting a self-latching gate. Many pets have run away because gates were accidentally left open.

Doggy Play Zone

Why not make Fido a puppy fun zone? If your dog likes water, give him a filtered sprinkler or a kiddie pool. If your pup enjoys digging, make him a sandbox to bury toys in. Active dogs may appreciate a doggy playground with ramps and tunnels.


Man’s Best Friend is part of the family, and will be happier, healthier, and more comfortable inside. That said, your pooch will definitely appreciate a good doghouse. When choosing or building your dog’s private home, always pick function over appearance. Fido’s doghouse should be well insulated, with the door facing away from prevailing winds. It should also be raised off the ground a bit. That said, there’s no reason you can’t make your pet’s home cute: add a little sign, or even a porch.


Did you know that mulch is dangerous for dogs? Cocoa mulch is particularly problematic, as it’s toxic to our canine pals. However, other types of mulch are also dangerous, since it can choke Fido if he tries to eat it. Mulch can also give your pet painful paw splinters, and can harbor fleas, ticks, and even snakes. Opt for a more pet-friendly ground cover.


Fleas and ticks thrive in shady, moist areas. Keep hedges and overgrowth trimmed back, mow your lawn regularly, and remove any debris from your yard.

Does your dog need an exam or vaccines? Call us, your Reynoldsburg, OH animal hospital, today!

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