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DIY Holiday Gifts for Cats

Do you enjoy making presents for your family and friends, rather than buying them? Are you trying to save money? We can help! There are plenty of adorable DIY gifts you can make for your feline friend! In, a Reynoldsburg, OH veterinarian lists some great ideas for gifts you can make for Fluffy.

Kitty Bed

Our feline friends certainly are sleepy! Bring on the purr by making your furball comfy pet beds. You can find instructions online for making beds out of sweaters or comforters. Or, keep it simple by putting a soft fleece throw into a wicker basket.

Pet Tent

Cats love small, secure places. Did you know you can make Fluffy a cute pet tent out of an old tee shirt and wire hangars? Add a soft folded blanket to make it extra comfy and cozy for her.

Cat Tower

Cat towers are very beneficial for kitties. They offer your furball a high vantage point, which she will probably use to look down at you with that adorable superior look cats excel at. Fluffy can also use her tower as a bed, jungle gym, and manicure station. Start with an old wooden stepladder or a metal storage rack. Add some planks to make your cat some napping spots, and then cover it in carpet or sisal rope. Of course, if you’re a handy type, you can also build one from scratch with lumber.

Box Castle

We all know that Fluffy loves boxes! Use empty boxes to make your furry little diva her very own castle! You can easily cut doors and windows into cardboard. If you’re feeling really creative, add a second story, or even a third! Or, go all out and include towers and turrets!

Catnip Mice

It’s very easy to make DIY catnip toys. Just take a scrap of material, and sew it into a mouse shape. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect: Fluffy won’t care. Baby socks also work great for this! Add the catnip, and make a few final stitches to close it up. Voila!

Window Seat

Our feline buddies love birdwatching. You can make Fluffy a cute window seat out of a shelf or plank, and a kitty bed or some blankets. Look online for instructions.

Do you have questions or concerns about your kitty’s health? We can help! Please contact us, your Reynoldsburg, OH, anytime. Happy Holidays!

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