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Feline Obesity Prevention: Helping Your Cat Stay Fit for Life

Feline obesity is a growing concern among those in the veterinary field. In fact, at last check, an estimated 50% of cats in the United States alone were listed as either overweight or obese. Obesity can cause a host of other medical problems, including a shortened lifespan. So what can you do to prevent your cat from becoming a part of these frightening statistics? Here is some advice from a Reynoldsburg veterinarian to help you keep your cat fit for life.

Get a Checkup – First and foremost, you want to be certain that your cat is healthy and that those extra pounds aren’t being caused by an underlying medical problem. Bring your cat in for a checkup with your Reynoldsburg veterinarian at least once a year (more often if your vet deems it necessary) so that you can keep on top of monitoring his or her ongoing health.

Count Those Calories – The food and treats that your give to your cat might very well be contributing to excess weight. Discuss your cat’s nutritional needs with your Reynoldsburg veterinarian to determine if a different type of food might be better suited to help keep your kitty trim.

Don’t Overdo It – Free-feeding, offering too large a serving or feeding too many meals throughout the day can all contribute to feline obesity. Examine the serving sizes on your cat’s food carefully and check with your vet to make sure you’re only giving your kitty the amount of food he or she needs to stay healthy and slim.

Get Moving – You may not be able to bring your cat for a walk around the block, but there are plenty of other activities to keep your cat moving and burn some of those calories. Offer a wide selection of toys and spend time playing and interacting with your cat every day to make sure they’re getting their daily share of exercise.

Keeping our feline companions slim is an important part of helping them enjoy long, happy and healthy lives. Follow these tips and don’t be afraid to call your Reynoldsburg veterinarian if you need some advice, guidance or suggestions to help get your kitty moving, eating right and maintaining an optimum body weight.

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