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Think Outside the Walk: Activities to Keep Your Pet in Shape

For many pet owners, doing the same exercise activities day in and day out can get boring. It can also become monotonous to your animal companion. If you’re tired of hitting the road and taking that same old walk down that well-worn path, here are a few suggestions from a Reynoldsburg vet to help spice up your pet’s routine and make exercise fun again!

Splash and Paddle – Most dogs enjoy a good swim every now and again, an activity which provides an excellent way for your pet to burn calories and stay slim. Why not hit the local watering hole or see if there are any dog-friendly facilities near you that offer swimming for animals. (Your Reynoldsburg vet can offer some suggestions.)

Hit the Treadmill – For cooler weather or rainy days, you can still keep your pet on track with physical fitness by putting them on the treadmill for a little while. Set it at a pace that is steady but comfortable for your pet and watch as they walk or run their way to a healthier body!

Combine Human and Animal Exercise – There are plenty of activities that humans participate in to keep in shape that an animal can accompany them in. For instance, your pet could join you for a hike in the woods or a good game of soccer. They even make attachments that allow pets to run alongside a bicycle. Ask your Reynoldsburg vet for suggestions on which of your personal activities you could include your pet in.

Obstacle and Agility Courses – Check with your Reynoldsburg vet to see if there are any pet organizations or groups in your area that offer agility training or obstacle courses for your pet and if so, sign them up! You might be surprised at how much your animal companion can do once they set their mind to it.

Exercise the Brain – Being healthy and balanced involves more than just a fit body – it also takes a sharp mind. Keep your pet’s mental juices flowing by offering brainteasers and other mental exercises. Hide treats around the house or purchase toys that are designed to make your pet think and solve puzzles.

Keeping your pet healthy and fit doesn’t have to involve the same old boring activity over and over. Spice things up a little by employing these tips to keep your pet active, both mentally and physically, and in optimum health.

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