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Kitties definitely are full of fun and quirky character traits. Somehow, these little furballs have managed to wrap us around their paws. Have you ever wondered what is going through your cat’s brain? A Pickerington, OH vet explains Fluffy’s cattitude in this article.


If cats had one golden rule to follow, it would be to make sure to get enough rest. Kitties can spend up to 20 hours a day snoozing! Your sleepy pet probably won’t be too picky about where she naps, either. Fluffy may rotate from your bed, to your couch, chair, floor, and lap for her daily naps. She will also routinely try out new spots. Our feline pals also have no qualms about sprawling out in the middle of the floor, even if they are right in everyone’s way.


We know, cats are very cute and innocent looking. However, in Fluffy’s mind, she is a fierce predator that no catnip mouse is ever safe around. Make sure your kitty has lots of fun toys to practice her pouncing on!


Fluffy doesn’t actually run on solar, but she does love to sunbathe. Kitties often sprawl out in patches of sunlight for their morning naps.


At the end of the day, many cats are furry little divas. Fluffy will spend hours grooming herself every day, to make sure she looks her best.


Fluffy certainly has some interesting ways of offering affection. Purrs and cuddles are, of course, at the top of the list. Your pet may also show her love by following you around, sleeping on your head, head-butting you, trying to trip you, or just meowing at you.


Cats are very clear about letting us know when they are annoyed. Fluffy is definitely not shy about letting you know her opinions on cars, bath rides, and pills, and may jump out of your arms if you try to pet her when she isn’t in the mood. Our feline overlords are not above doling out love bites, arm scratches, and/or disdainful stares, either.


Kitties aren’t exactly the most obedient pets in the world. Fluffy often ignores us when we tell her not to do something. Studies have also shown that cats often deliberately ignore their humans’ calls. How rude!

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