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Tips for Getting Through Shedding Season

Are you ready for spring? We are! Spring brings many wonderful and beautiful things. It’s always great to see the earth coming to life again after its winter hibernation. As the cycle of the year turns, your pets will be noticing the changes as well, and perhaps going through a few of their own. As you may have noticed, many of our furry friends shed heavily in spring. In this article, your Pickerington vet offers some tips for dealing with shedding season.


Make sure to brush your pet regularly during peak shedding times. You may want to drape a towel on your lap, so you don’t end up covered in fur! Brushing will help remove that dead fur and dander from your furball’s coat. The more fur you trap in the brush, the less you will find on your couch and belongings. If your pet is a very heavy shedder, look into getting a shedding blade or a brush that is specifically designed for heavy shedding.

Fur Removal

Does your couch look like it needs to shave? If Fluffy and Fido are leaving fur on your carpet or upholstered furniture, use a squeegee to remove it. You may be surprised at how well it works! Another trick that is quite effective is to wipe down your couch or chair with a rubber glove. It may also be worth your while to add an extra layer of protection to your sofa while your pet is changing into their summer coat. Last but not least, the vacuum is a great tool for capturing fur. Try to do a quick once-over daily, and follow up with a more thorough vacuuming once a week.

Air Filters

Changing or cleaning air filters and fans regularly is always necessary to maintain good air quality. When your pet is shedding, this is particularly important. Remember to clean your ducts, too!


Making sure your pet is eating a nutritious diet can also help reduce shedding. A good, high-quality food will help your furry pal’s coat stay healthy and shiny, which may reduce the amount of fur being shed. Ask your vet about adding fatty acid or Omega-3 fish oil supplements to your furry pal’s meals.

Does your pet need shots? Is Fido or Fluffy due for an examination? Contact us, your Pickerington vet clinic, for all your veterinary care needs!

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