The Dangers of Inhaled Poisons for Pets

As pet owners, we may focus a great deal on topical home poisons touching our pets, like cleaning solutions or rat poison, and swallowed poisons, like toxic foods or poisonous plants. It’s important to not forget about a third poisoning danger: inhaled toxins. Here, a Reynoldsburg veterinarian tells you more.

What Inhaled Poisons Should I Watch For?

Fumes from insecticides or fertilizers that you spray on your lawn or garden are one of the more common inhaled offenders. Smoke is another—campfires, burn piles, or accidental blazes will give off dangerous smoke, especially if the product being burned is plastic or another material that becomes dangerous when burnt.

Household chemicals like bleach and ammonia also give off toxic fumes. If you have a pool or hot tub, the chemicals used with them can be dangerous. Equipment that gives off carbon monoxide, like propane heaters or old cars without catalytic converters, are an additional hazard.

What Should I Do If My Pet is Poisoned?

You must act quickly in the event of a poisoning scenario. Do what you can to keep your pet’s airways open. Initiate artificial respiration and CPR when needed—consult your veterinarian for advice on how to do this. If possible, flush your pet’s eyes with water to remove any aggravating chemicals. As you’re doing this, rush your pet to your Reynoldsburg veterinarian’s office for treatment.

How Can I Prevent Inhaled Poisoning?

Preventing inhaled poisoning is far easier and less stressful than treating it. Keep pets safely secured away from anything that may give off toxic fumes—if you’re cleaning, make sure pets can’t get anywhere near the chemicals. Keep your pet inside if you’re servicing your pool or hot tub, or any equipment that gives off carbon monoxide.

Secure your pet if you’re treating your lawn or garden with fertilizer or insecticides, and make yourself aware of spraying schedules if you live near a farm or crop field. Also use caution when building a fire or burning trash—keep your pet away from the fumes to keep her airways clean and fresh!

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