Stop Your Feline Destruction Machine

Your orange tabby cat Charley has developed an obsession with couches and chairs. No, your opportunistic feline doesn’t hop on each nicely upholstered furniture piece, deciding which one is suitable for his afternoon nap. Instead, Charley methodically digs and shreds your seating pieces like his life depends on it. Even though he’s only been destroying your furniture for two days, your living room seating group is likely beyond repair. You’ve asked your vet Reynoldsburg to give your destructive cat some much-needed behavioral counseling. Read more about cats’ furniture-scratching behaviors.

Duller Claws Will Help

If Charley’s little daggers are duller, he can’t wreak as much havoc on your furniture. Your vet can easily clip your cat’s claws during his next physical exam. If your furniture – and curtains – can’t wait that long, book a short nail-clipping appointment immediately.

Annoying Scratching Session

Charley keeps shredding your furniture because he finds it quite enjoyable. To make him think twice about future digging and chewing expeditions, make his next destruction session a completely miserable experience. Blanket your furniture with scratchy sandpaper or clingy plastic wrap.

When Charley’s delicate little paws rub against the abrasive sandpaper, or get tangled in the plastic wrap, he’ll probably head for the hills in shock. However, he’ll probably come back for another round of destruction. Keep the unpleasant covering on your furniture until you’re sure Charley has abandoned his furniture demolition project.

Pleasant Scratching Experience

While Charley’s trying to determine his next move, give him an acceptable scratching surface with a similar feel. If your busy cat is currently destroying the couch, position a sisal-wrapped or carpeted scratching post nearby. If Charley’s currently gnawing on the chair legs, place a cedar scratching post next to his target. Add new scratching objects so your cat doesn’t get bored.

Ban the Punishment

While Charley’s definitely in the doghouse, don’t punish your feline wrecking machine for his antics. After all, he won’t understand why he’s being disciplined. Also, he’ll expect to be punished each time you approach him. And really, punishing Charley won’t alter his behavior; as he’ll just wait until he’s alone to work on your nice replacement couch or chair.

Ask your vet Reynoldsburg if sprinkling catnip on the furniture, or spraying the pieces with a feline pheromone, will help Charley forget about his temptations. If your cat won’t stop destroying your furniture, call your vet for expert assistance.

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