Learn How Pet Ownership Can Improve Your Health

Your border collie Sadie is a canine workout partner and health coach, all rolled into one furry package. Sadie loves to join you for daily jogs, and she’s always ready for a romp through the dog park. Sadie’s regular exercise keeps her in top-notch shape. In fact, her veterinarian from Pickerington always compliments Sadie on her good health and fit figure. Much to your surprise, you’ve learned that Sadie’s companionship can also enhance your physical and emotional health. Learn more about how pets can improve your quality of life.

Body and Mind Booster

Your carefully planned day went way off the tracks, beginning with a flat tire this morning and continuing with two unexpected meetings at work. Of course, attending meetings meant less time for other projects; and now you’re behind schedule for tomorrow.

On the way home, you got stuck in a massive traffic jam. When you finally got home, you just wanted to change clothes and relax; however, Sadie had her own plan for the evening. She greeted you at the door, spinning around with excitement as she retrieved her leash. Looking at Sadie’s happy face and wagging tail, your sour mood transformed into a smile. After you and Sadie jogged around the block, you felt physically energized and much more relaxed.

Canine Goodwill Ambassador

Sadie’s friendly nature makes her a perfect canine goodwill ambassador. In fact, Sadie constantly attracts other dog walkers and joggers during your twice-daily jogs through the neighborhood. Even your local package delivery driver takes a slight detour to give Sadie a few affectionate ear scratches. While you interact with Sadie’s fans, you often meet neighbors you might not otherwise encounter; and you’ve even gotten a few invitations to community social gatherings. Sadie rules the dog park and Farmer’s Market, too, drawing an appreciative crowd of canine and human admirers.

Reduced Pain-Related Anxiety

If you’re regularly victimized by pain, especially from a chronic medical condition, you’ve probably experienced a reduced quality of life. Of course, your discomfort can also raise your anxiety level. Fortunately, Sadie shares her special relaxation techniques with you.

While Sadie lies on the couch, you stroke her head and forget about what’s wrong in your life. As you focus on Sadie, your anxiety level goes down, making your pain also lessen a bit. Perhaps you should recruit Sadie, along with your cat Susie, as valuable therapy team members.

Sadie’s calm, affectionate nature, along with her physical abilities and social skills, have helped her to become a much-in-demand companion. When Sadie visits her Pickerington vet next week, you’ll happily relate how this friendly girl has enhanced your health and quality of life.

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