Keeping Fido Fit

Is your dog a furry bundle of energy? Or do you have a four-legged couch potato on your hands? Making sure your pooch is getting the right type—and amount—of exercise is very important! Below, a Reynoldsburg, OH vet discusses keeping Fido fit.

Fido’s Exercise Needs

All dogs have different exercise needs. Your canine buddy’s age, weight, health, and breed will all factor in to how much activity he needs, and what types of exercise are suitable for him. Small dogs may get a workout just running around the house on those little legs, but they’ll still benefit from the stimulation of a daily walk. Brachycephalic dogs, on the other hand, tend to get winded easily, and are not well-suited to swimming or vigorous exercise. Of course, there are plenty of playful pooches that pretty much only stop moving for naps and meals, and need lots of exercise to burn off all that zoom. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


Your pet’s exercise needs will change as he ages. Puppies are super playful and active, but they can also get tired out quickly. Fido will be at his most athletic during his adult years. As your canine buddy enters his golden years, he’ll slow down, and your vet may advise against encouraging certain types of activity. For instance, jumping or standing can be harmful to pooches with bone/joint problems. Consult your vet regularly.

Active Pups

Is your pup a furry rocket on paws? Dogs that are highly active can make great running partners or workout buddies for athletic people. If you want to get in shape yourself, look into fun sports you can do with Fido. Dancing, skijoring, and agility training are a few good options. Just be sure to build your pet’s endurance slowly, and take care not to overexert him, especially in hot weather. Also, make sure your dog always has plenty of fresh water.

Super-Active Pups

If you can’t quite keep up with Fido’s exercise needs, keep him moving with automated toys, such as mechanical ball launchers. (Note: these use tennis balls, which can be choking hazards for big dogs, so we don’t recommend them for large breeds.) You can also get Fido’s workout in by playing fetch, or holding a laser pointer for him to chase.

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