Is Your Cat Spoiled?

Do you suspect your kitty might be a little bit spoiled? Most housecats generally live pretty comfortable lives. We’re guessing your furball spends her days sleeping, eating, grooming herself, and playing. That sounds rather idyllic, doesn’t it? Fluffy is pretty good at manipulating people into giving her what she wants, so we’ve seen quite a few diva kitties. As the saying goes, Dogs have owners, cats have staff. Here are some ways you can tell if your furball is a bit spoiled, as described by your veterinarian Reynoldsburg.

  • Fluffy gets to sprawl out on the bed, while you are relegated to the edge.
  • Once Kitty is on your lap, you can’t bear to move her … even if your leg cramps up.
  • Fluffy has free reign over all of the furniture in the house, to the extent that you’ll sit somewhere else rather than move her.
  • Whenever you move your couch, you find a pile of cat toys beneath it.
  • Kitty has a special room all her own, or at least, a large part of one room.
  • Your Kitty expects regular brushings. She will show her approval of this by purring.
  • Kitty has her own chair. Often, this chair is directly in front of a window.
  • Your furball has her own box of toys, which is filled with every type of cat toy available.
  • Kitty has a cat tower, and/or cat condo.
  • Your DVD collection includes a few bird documentaries, which Fluffy loves to watch.
  • There are cans of salmon and/or tuna in the cupboard, just for Kitty.
  • At least one window in your home has a kitty perch.
  • Every room in your house includes some sort of kitty accommodation.
  • Fluffy has her very own designer kitty bed.
  • You grow your own catnip.
  • You’ve downloaded apps just so your cat can play with your tablet.
  • There are cardboard boxes and/or paper grocery bags on your floor, just for Kitty.

Do you have any questions about cat care or behavior? If so, please give us a call any time we can be of assistance. As your vet clinic Reynoldsburg, we are here to help with all of your pet care needs.

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