Helpful Tricks to Teach Fido

Does your dog know important obedience commands, like Sit, Stay, Heel, Come, and Lay Down? If so, that’s great! Now that your canine buddy has the basics down, why not continue his education? Man’s Best Friend can learn some very cute tricks. He can also learn some very helpful ones! Read on as a local Reynoldsburg, OH vet describes some useful tips to show your pooch.

Gimme Paw

Want to teach Fido to hold his paw out for a nail trim? Start by teaching him to Shake or Gimme Paw. Then, up the ante: when your four-legged buddy offers you his paw, start playing with his furry toes, then give him a treat. The next step is to move the clipper around his nails before offering the snack. (Note: if you’re concerned about cutting too close, invest in clippers with sensors, which will indicate exactly where to cut.)

Wipe Your Feet

Does your dog constantly track mud into your house? Put a towel on the floor, and set some yummy treats beneath it. Choose snacks that smell, so Fido will instinctively sniff and dig at the towel. As soon as your canine pal paws the towel, reward him with a treat.

Drop It

Does your canine buddy sometimes pick up things from the ground? This is can be very dangerous! Teaching your pet the Drop It command can keep him from snapping up hazardous objects. Start by giving your furry friend a toy. When Fido has the toy in his mouth, offer him a yummy treat. When he drops the toy, say ‘Drop it’ and give him his snack.

Fetch Specific Objects

You can teach Fido to bring you specific item, such as your remote, keys, or slippers. (Tip: this will be easier if your dog already knows the Fetch command.) Start by teaching your canine friend to identify one of his favorite toys by name. Tell your pooch to bring the object to you, calling it by name. Then, add a second object he knows by name.


These are just a few things you can teach your furry best friend. Other helpful tricks include turning lights on and off, fetching leashes, and closing and opening doors. When training Fido, be patient and consistent, and use positive reinforcement.

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