Fluffy’s Terrible Twos

Have you recently adopted a kitten? Congratulations! You are no doubt in for some super cute moment with your furry new friend. There are few things more adorable than baby cats! There are also few things more prone to mischief! Your furry little toddler will definitely keep you on your toes! In this article, a local Reynoldsburg, OH vet discusses Fluffy’s Terrible Twos.


Kittens are very curious, so your little buddy will want to investigate absolutely everything in her new home. To keep your tiny furball safe, you’ll need to do some kittenproofing. Remove or secure wires and cords; plastic bags and rings; toxic plants; household chemicals; medications; and anything small enough to present a choking hazard. Block off empty spaces beneath and behind cabinets and furniture, and keep large appliances closed. Ask your vet for more information.


It’s best to teach your tiny furball good manners now, while she’s little. Be sure to discourage rough play, as this can lead to behavioral issues down the line. You’ll also want to provide proper scratching options, and encourage your feline friend to use them. Now is also the time to teach little Fluffy not to jump on counters!


Proper veterinary care is very important! Your kitten will need vaccinations, a microchip, parasite control products, exams, and spay/neuter surgery. Baby felines can get sick very quickly, so keep a close eye out for any signs of illness. Some common signs of illness in cats include hiding; poor grooming; changes in behavior, appetite, or vocalization; and litterbox mishaps. Contact your vet immediately if anything seems amiss.


Cats get increasingly calm as they grow older. It won’t be long before your kitty spends most of her time napping. However, Fluffy will be a furry bundle of energy during her kittenhood. Midnight zoomies are a common complaint from pet parents. To stop your frisky furbaby from keeping you up at night, play with her every evening, not long before you go to bed. Follow up this play session by giving your playful pal her dinner just before bedtime. Kitties that are both tired and full will be much more interested in napping than playing!

Does your kitten need vaccinations, microchipping, or an exam? Is little Fluffy ready for spay/neuter surgery? Please reach out to us, your local Reynoldsburg, OH veterinary clinic, for all your kitty’s veterinary care needs.

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