Dog’s Battle with Separation Anxiety

Your golden retriever Murphy really is a canine double agent. Most of the time, Murphy is a happy, well-adjusted dog who loves people, other dogs, and even most cats. However, when Murphy’s left home alone, he switches identities and begins working for the dark side. Your home security cam has recorded Murphy’s deafening barking and destructive behaviors; and you’ve even seen evidence of coprophagia in your house. Taken together, these shadowy images make you suspect that Murphy has separation anxiety. You’d like your veterinarian from Pickerington to evaluate Murphy’s symptoms and give him some much-needed behavioral counseling. Learn more about dogs’ separation anxiety symptoms.

Long-Winded Barking Machine

Murphy launches into barking fits before your car even clears the driveway. Like a baritone opera singer, Murphy clears his throat and tunes up with a few rounds of growling and muttering. Then, Murphy begins barking like his life depends on it. Your neighbors report that Murphy’s thunderous barking often drowns out their television. Sometimes, Murphy’s barking often morphs into a strange howling that sounds like a Halloween-themed soundtrack. While Murphy occasionally stops for water, food, and potty breaks, he resumes his tirade until someone returns home.

Doggie Demolition Expert

When Murphy needs a break from barking, he turns his powerful jaws on your furniture. First, Murphy works on your matching living room set’s upholstery; and then turns his attention to your handcrafted dining room furniture. Next, Murphy focuses on your home’s baseboards, chewing small sections into wooden shards. Besides the physical damage and replacement cost, you’re worried that Murphy will hurt himself by chewing on something really harmful.

Disturbing Fecal Fascination

Murphy always reminds you when it’s potty walk time, and he even brings you his leash. And Murphy’s generally not interested in his fecal deposits. However, your security cam has captured Murphy leaving deposits in hard-to-access corners of your home. Even worse, Murphy has been gleefully snarfing up his deposits. Has Murphy ditched his good manners, or is he in a complete panic? Either way, Murphy’s behavior is quite disturbing.

Determined Escape Artist

You thought that containing Murphy in his sturdy plastic kennel would make him calm down. You even provided Murphy with his favorite toys and some snacks. However, Murphy quickly demolished the crate, and then focused on the room’s door. Good thing you got home before Murphy could ransack the rest of the house.

You’ve learned that some dogs display mild separation anxiety symptoms; while other dogs go “off the deep end” with panic. After your Pickerington vet analyzes Murphy’s symptoms, he’ll prescribe an appropriate treatment plan that might include several techniques. Your vet wants Murphy to regard his “home alone” time as an enjoyable experience.

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