Dog Walking Etiquette Tips

Walking your dog may seem like a relatively simple task, but remember that there is actually some etiquette involved! This is especially true if you’re walking your pooch in a populated area. Here, your Reynoldsburg vet gives four helpful etiquette tips for the next time you head out the door.

Train with Basic Commands

Every dog should know a few basic commands, such as “sit,” “stay,” or “here.” These basic recall commands are especially helpful on walks, should your dog dart off after a squirrel or try to greet a passing jogger. A quick, reliable recall command can be a lifesaver, so ask your vet how to get started with teaching your dog.

Use a Leash

Even with well-trained dogs, it’s a good idea to bring a leash along and keep your dog on it the majority of the time. You simply never know what you might encounter on a walk—even dogs who are extremely obedient can be startled into running off. Plus, some areas require dogs to remain on-leash. If you run across such an area and don’t have one with you, you’ll have no choice but to turn around or risk a fine.

Pick up After Your Pooch

Remember to bring along several plastic baggies to pick up after your dog. It’s quite rude to leave your dog’s droppings in a public place, and it’s even illegal in many counties! In addition, dog feces can carry parasites and diseases that can infect other pets, children, and even adults who encounter it. Respect others’ property and public safety by picking up after your pooch.

Respect Other Walkers’ Space

It’s important to remember that not everyone is as comfortable with your dog as you are. Other walkers, other pets, joggers, bicyclists, children, neighbors, and anyone else you encounter may not want a slobbery hello or a barked greeting! This is where your leash comes in handy, too—at first, keep your dog from greeting everyone he sees. Only when people respond positively should you allow your dog to say hi.

Next time you go out on a walk with your canine companion, you’ll be prepared to have the most well-mannered and respectable trip as possible! Ask your Reynoldsburg vet for more tips.

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