Choosing the Correct Carrier for Your Dog

A carrier crate for your dog is an important investment—it will be needed for trips to the vet, as well as any vacations you take as a family. Follow these tips from your Reynoldsburg veterinarian to go about choosing the right carrier for your pet.


It’s important to take your dog along with you on your shopping trip. Even though you might think you know the size of your dog well, you don’t want to accidentally come home with a crate that’s too small.

Choose a crate that’s easily large enough for your pet to turn around in. Your dog should never enter the crate headfirst, then not be able to turn his body so he’s looking out of the door—this means the crate is far too small. Ask your veterinarian for an approximate size estimate for your dog if you’re unsure.


Make sure the carrier you’re considering can handle the weight of your dog. The crate should have a weight limit on the packaging. You don’t want to purchase a crate that can’t handle your dog’s weight—it would be both unsafe for your pet and a waste of money.


Check to make sure the door handles latch properly and securely. If your dog is the feisty type, his maneuvering could pry open an un-sturdy latch or door.


A good crate will have several ventilation slits or holes to allow fresh air to enter while your dog is being carried. Make sure there are enough to provide adequate ventilation but be careful that they’re not so big that your dog could stick a paw out, which could be hazardous.


Of course, you’ll want to make sure the carrier is comfortable enough for your pet. With most crates, you’ll be able to fit a soft blanket or towel in the bottom for your dog to sit on. Make sure there is enough space in the crate for food and water dishes for longer trips.

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