Chatty Cats


Do you have a talkative kitty? Or does your furball only speak up on occasion? Just like people, cats all have their own unique personalities. Some of our feline pals are furry little chatterboxes, while some don’t have much to say at all. Read on as a Pickerington, OH vet discusses the cat’s meow.

History of The Meow

Did you know that cats may have started meowing just so they could boss us around? Adult kitties rarely speak to one another. They usually communicate through facial expressions and body language. Fluffy, as it turns out, mostly talks when she wants to give her human buddies orders. It also may not be a coincidence that some furballs sound like human babies when they meow. Apparently, when we first domesticated cats, they quickly realized that cute, plaintive cries really tug at our heartstrings. This, of course, was very helpful in getting us to offer food and warm beds.

Talkative Cat Breeds

Some cat breeds are much more vocal than others are. The Siamese, for example, is very talkative, and sounds quite a bit like a human baby. Maine Coons are also very chatty, and communicate with adorable chirrups and squeaks. Other talkative kitties include the Oriental Shorthair, Japanese Bobtail, and the Burmese.

Conversations With Fluffy

If you have a chatty cat, you may find that your feline friend answers back when you talk to her. (She may of course completely ignore you when you call her, but that’s a different topic.) Try this cute game: when Fluffy meows, meow back at her. Try to mimic the sound of her vocalizations. Some kitties love this little game!

Silent Kitties

Even if your cat doesn’t speak much, she’ll still enjoy it when you talk to her. Fluffy will know that you’re paying attention to her, which will help your furry buddy feel loved and safe. (Bonus: kitties are great listeners, and they never spill secrets.)

Warning Signs

Sudden changes in Fluffy’s meows can be signs of illness. For instance, a normally quiet furball that suddenly won’t stop meowing could be ill. The opposite can also be true: a furry chatterbox that won’t speak may also be sick. Call your vet immediately if you notice changes in your cat’s vocalizations.

Please contact us, your Pickerington, OH pet hospital, with any questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care. We’re here to help!

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