Can Acupuncture Benefit My Dog?

You might think acupuncture for pets is a silly or new-age concept that couldn’t really help your dog, but the fact is that veterinary acupuncture is become more and more widely accepted and offers many possible health benefits. Find out more below from a Reynoldsburg veterinarian.

How Does Veterinary Acupuncture Work?

Specialized needles are inserted into the dog’s body at specific points. The needle only punctures the top few layers of skin. Through contact at the right areas, endorphins are released. These natural pain-killers make your dog feel better. Ask your veterinarian for more specific details about how the procedure works.

How Could it Benefit My Dog?

The benefits of acupuncture include reduced pain, improved oxygen flow, improved circulation, improved nutrient flow, muscle relaxation, and the elimination of toxins in the bloodstream, among many others. Many times, acupuncture can help a dog recovering from surgery or infection heal faster. If surgery or other invasive treatments don’t work to fix a health concern, acupuncture is sometimes turned to as a viable treatment option. Consult your veterinary professional about more benefits of veterinary acupuncture, and ask if it could be a possible option for your pet.

Are There Any Side Effects?

In almost all acupuncture procedures, the process is side-effect free and totally safe. In extremely rare occasions, minor infections can develop at the insertion sites on your dog’s body, but these are usually easily treatable.

Does the Actual Needle Insertion Hurt My Dog?

Your dog will only feel a slight sensation at the entry point, which will be barely a prick. As mentioned, the needle only pierces the very top layers of skin, so it’s not deep enough to cause any pain. Many dogs remain completely relaxed during sessions, and some veterinary acupuncturists report dogs even falling asleep during the procedures.

Call your Reynoldsburg veterinarian’s office to discuss veterinary acupuncture in further detail, and ask about the closest clinic that could help your pet.

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