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  • Why Do Cats Knead?
    You’ve probably seen your cat knead before—it’s when she pushes her front paws into a soft surface, alternating them rhythmically. Ever wonder why your cat exhibits this interesting behavior? Learn Read more
  • Myths About Animal Shelters That You Shouldn’t Believe
    Animal shelters—and the pets inside of them—are sometimes misunderstood simply because of the nature of animal rescue. Fortunately, your Pickerington, OH veterinarian is here to set the record straight. Learn Read more
  • Hot Weather Pet Hazards
    Summer has arrived in full force. Is your pet ready to face the heat and other hazards of the season? Learn more below from your Reynoldsburg veterinary professional.Dehydration and HeatstrokeA Read more
  • Tips for Getting Through Shedding Season
    Are you ready for spring? We are! Spring brings many wonderful and beautiful things. It’s always great to see the earth coming to life again after its winter hibernation. As Read more
  • Dog Walking Etiquette Tips
    Walking your dog may seem like a relatively simple task, but remember that there is actually some etiquette involved! This is especially true if you’re walking your pooch in a Read more
  • Fluffy’s Terrible Twos
    Have you recently adopted a kitten? Congratulations! You are no doubt in for some super cute moment with your furry new friend. There are few things more adorable than baby Read more
  • Learn the Basics of Kitten Vaccinations
    Since August is Immunization Awareness Month, it’s time to consider what our kittens need to be in the best possible health. Below, a Reynoldsburg vet discusses the basics of kitten Read more
  • Spring Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners
    As the weather warms up and the snow melts, many people roll up their sleeves for some spring cleaning. Spring is also a great time to clean and organize your Read more
  • Money-Saving Suggestions for Pet Owners
    What pet owner doesn’t wish they could save a little money here and there? Try these tips from a Reynoldsburg vet to save yourself some cash while still giving your Read more
  • Caring for a Small Dog
    Do you have a little dog? There are some great benefits to having a smaller canine. These little guys are often very lovable and cuddly, as many have been bred Read more
  • Pet Microchipping
    Proper identification is one of the best and easiest ways to keep your pet safe throughout her lifetime. Microchips are great for doing just that. Here, a Pickerington veterinarian answers Read more
  • Introducing Two Cats
    Have you recently decided to get a second kitty? Congratulations! We are always happy to see animals going to loving homes. Your resident feline, however, may not be quite as Read more
  • Preventing Your Dog’s Nipping and Biting
    Many dogs commonly nip and bite. It’s natural for your both puppies and older dogs, and is most often done playfully. However, those of us who are getting nipped and Read more

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